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Monday Morning MEM0 13092126 – This Week’s Strategy

This week’s strategy : grab those opportunities when you see them

We all are presented with opportunities on a daily basis and we repeatedly pass over the opportunities.

Consider the Eagle. The Eagle has excellent concentration and focus to be able to catch their prey. They place their focus on it and set out to catch. Being focussed they are able to quickly identify their opportunities. They do not listen to the nay sayers, they do not let their negative thoughts get in their way, they are laser focus. So should you, look for the opportunities, focus on what you want to achieve and go after it.

Focus on what you are doing. When you focus, you are present, your mind is not wondering and you are able to pick up hues and opportunities. If you are into sales and you are speaking to a friend she/he may indicate that they need to replace a certain outfit or some function is coming up soon and they may need a new outfit. If your mind is somewhere else and you are not focussing on the conversation and on your friend you may miss this opportunity entirely. This is a perfect opportunity to talk about what you offer and what it can do for them. They may talk about different things, their weight or some problem they are having.

Never let an opportunity pass you by. Listen to what is being said, be alert to the mood, facial expression and body language of your client or anyone you are communicating with.

Opportunities could also be those to obtain referrals or a lead to a client or to acquire supplies for your business.

Be present and focus on what you do daily.

Monday Morning MEM0 0507217- Don’t wait.


It is the beginning of a new month and a new quarter.

What do you plan to do to get the month and the quarter going?

In some places business is opening back up, are you going to wait until it is time for you to open?

Surely if you wait you are scheduled for the crumbs,  so don’t wait, you have to make a decision and go for the big goal. Think about three goals for your business this month and this quarter. Write them down, break them down in small activites and work on them daily.

Be sure to get all the distractions out of the way,  don’t wait, these could also be those distractions in your mind – nobody is buying, business is slow, I have no money for supplies as business was not open. Everyone is in the same boat so how am I going to get through.

You have to know that you are capable of great things. We all have the same number of hours in the day and skills we may not have even discovered that we have. Don’t wait by hanging around trying to figure out what to. Sit down and explore all the distractions and negatives and work on them one at a time  and get them out of the way.

Remember to focus. Focus on what is really important and urgent and what would drive the results you are looking for.

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Hello world!

Our aim is to help you squeeze every moment from the day.

Let’s get started – what was the first thing you did this morning?  How is that adding to your business?

You see everything counts so whatever you do counts towards your goals.