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Do you want to lose weight or live a healthier life?

Are you looking for that loved one?

Joipf Consulting is about coaching you to leverage on your potential to deal with those challenging daily work-related and personal situations so that you can transform yourself for more money and a better life. We also provide access to fortune 500 companies where you can save on essential services for both home and office.

My clients are:
* individuals,
* supervisors,
* managers and,
* small and medium-size business owners.



Helping to improve relationships and transform lives through Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

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Tired of struggling with your team?

As a manager or supervisor are you struggling with your team?

What would it take to get your team working together?

As a Lifeline for Managers and Supervisors I can help you get that team to be a real team.

team work

This is the secret to getting more from your team…

If you want to get more out of your team for any of these reasons:

1. Because the number of people on your team has been reduced and yet you’re expected to produce the same or better results.

2. Your team is not producing the results that are expected from you and your team and you’re concerned that your bosses and/or superiors and peers are not going to be happy about that.

2. Members of your team are undermining each other or worse undermining you, causing conflicts and frustrations for you and you’d like to turn your team in to a well oiled machine…





Importance and need for strategic thinking in teams.

The role of a team in strategic management.

Being a team player as opposed to a team slayer.

Inculcate the need for a shared vision.




Identifying and participating in the team building process.

Importance of interpersonal communication.

Keeping communication and feedback channels open.

Building risk taking and strategizing in team work.

Creating a positive work environment.




Importance of creativity in teams.

Working values of a strong team.

Unleashing our creative potentials to maximize output.

Generating high quality and innovative ideas.




Thinking win-win.

The perils of thinking win – lose.

Focusing on the common objective.

Support & sharing.

Developing skills for problem solving, decision-making and conflict





Appreciating the value of complementary roles played by each team member.

Being a valuable team member.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of team members.

Common obstacles to team development.




Overcoming barriers to change.

Thinking outside the box.

Paradigm change.

Leading change.


To claim this special coaching session simply click reply and answer the following questions:

1. How long have you been in this leadership position?
2. What are the biggest leadership challenges you’re facing today?
3. On a scale of zero to 10 how important is it to you to get better results from your team?
4. What are your ultimate aspirations and goals as a leader?

Be sure to also include your name, phone number and email address when you reply so that I can get back to you and schedule your session within the next 24 to 48 hours.


N.B: Individual sessions are also available for Sales Reps.

All the best.

Josephine Harewood
Co-Author of  ‘101 Great Ways to Compete in Today’s Job Market’

PS: The sooner you send us your answers, the more likely you are to get a session and start molding the team you want to work with.

You can also receive benefits from these articles or you can share your management and supervision experience so others can learn from them.

Send in your questions on your operation management issues and we would be happy to explore options with you.



Helping to improve relationships and transform lives .

Learn more call 868 465 0603 or 954 306 1081


How to get unstuck

Are you stuck in your life, business or career?

These days there are so many things happening and sometimes things just don’t happen as we would like them to happen.

You have been trying and trying and things are just not working out.  Your business is really stuck, there is so much adversity  and just not moving from where it is. How do you acquire new customers and keep them in addition to keeping the ones you already have. If you would like to learn more about this give us a call -1 954 306 1081 or email

At home there are so many disagreements – home is no longer a place to relax and unwind , and at times it could appear as a battle ground.

How would you feel if you can come home to a place that is happy, loving and welcoming where you can feel really at home?  Getting stuck with your family life adds tons of stress on you and even affects your performance at work and in your business.  What would happen if you can remove some of these blocks that are preventing you from living the life you were meant to live.

You really cannot understand what is happening.  Why does everything seem as if it is stuck.  Sometimes just taking time to explore what’s happening with someone experienced in this area can help you uncover why things are going the way they are.

We can work with you to unearth those things that you do not understand.  You would then see things in a different light, streamline your business and bring some spark in your relationships and revive the comfortable atmosphere at home. Isn’t it time to give this a shot? Nothing to lose.

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You were meant to be happy and we can help.

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What about delusions, hallucinations, paranoia or associated thoughts related to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, & depression?

Would you like to experience a sense of calmness & well-being, get help with digestion, and help to promote healthy cell reproduction?

Or maybe you just want to enjoy a sense of relaxation and overall health.

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