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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 052923 – This Week’s Strategy:Are you limiting yourself?

“Don’t limit yourself… What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” – Mary Kay Ash .

We all want to do better, to see the business improve, get better and what we do, or just be a better husband, wife or person in general. To achieve this we have to stop limiting ourselves.

How may times you get the opportunity to do something different with your business, add a new product or service or look at a different way to produce or deliver what you offer? Your response goes something like this: I/we do not have the capacity; no resources to look at that; that’s not part of our business line; no one is going to purchase that. Even before you research the option the rejection walls go up. Why limit yourself?.There are so many different options for diversifying your business, what would happen if you try a new option for delivery,  production or even for getting new clients? If you believe your business can do better then it can.

On the side of personal development many of us are hesitant to try new things, we are happy with what we have but most times it may not be working the way we would Ike it to be. Any new idea or option surfaces red flags go up: I can’t do that; I do not have the skills; they need someone younger or older for the job; I am not an early person so that would not work for me; I have two left feet so I can’t dance; I don’t like sports so don’t’ even suggest that. I would like us to go out more often but that’s not my husband thing, he loves his private time; I could be more loving, but I am afraid I make a fool of myself. Every day we have the opportunity to develop and improve. We can do new things, try new ways of doing what we are accustomed of doing. What if it does not go as you would like, it is from trying that you learn and develop, so don’t limit yourself. 

If you limit yourself to doing the same things the same way all the time nothing is going to happen, and you can forget about being like your old self. That old self or the way you use to do things have changed.  Every day you have the opportunity to be something new, to do better in your business and your life, and by the way if you don’t grab the opportunity, you end up just swaying with the flow unable to stand properly on your two feet. If you believe you can achieve it then you can.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 052223 – This Week’s Strategy:Anything you do, do it with everything you got.

Anything you do, put your all into it. It is said that you get whatever you put in. 

Your business Is not going to improve if you take care of it half-heartedly. Let’s say you want new clients, if you do not spend time and plan how to acquire these clients and act on your plan, you would never get new clients or you would get one or two and you start wondering what is happening.

So, you look in the mirror and you are not satisfied, the weight is building up, you look down and recognize that you can’t even see your toes.  You are aware you must lose the weight, but you start a diet plan, you cheat a little when consuming the meals and after three days that’s it for the plan you are back to your old eating habits.

So much for the weight. 

In sports e.g Soccer every player knows that they must put everything in the game or else the team would lose the game and as professionals it is like leaving money on the field. 

Starting from today I challenge you to put everything in what you do, after all as my husband once said ‘you can’t be half pregnant”. So go for it, give it all you have and watch what happens. 

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 051523 – This Week’s Strategy: Your tip to the next step.

Is there an obstacle or challenge that is preventing you from getting to the next step in your business or your personal life?

Every obstacle and challenge is there for a reason so be grateful for it. These are there to develop you and prepare you for the next step. When you continue to be grateful watch how you overcome it.

Try it and feel free  to share your results.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 050823 – This Week’s Strategy: Your major come back.

Every set back is preparation for a major come back. ..Vera Bhajan (26th march 2012) said this and it is so right.

So you have a set back, you set up your presentation and the new product is not coming on stream as planned, the marketing manager did not show up as planned, your flight has been delayed so you would miss the meeting with the client. You can think of several set backs in your business and even your personal.

The important thing is that you do not get discourage as every set back is preparation for a major come back. Some people put their head in the sand and say no!, no!, this can’t be happening! You must use the opportunity to prepare and develop so you can come back bigger and better.

This week do not let set backs get you down, get up, explore different methods and strategies, or just take a break and be still and ask God for guidance to turn your set back into your major come back.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 050123 – This Week’s Strategy: Do what you say you would do.

This week we want to act on the things we continuously say we would do.

Have you ever known that you must do something, you need to talk to your clients about your new product, you want to review your business processes, you want to start exercising, or dieting, and the list goes on, but nothing really happens?  Somehow you have no time to do it, or you do not make time to do it.

The way people know you is by what you do. It is the saying “action speaks louder than words”.

If you want to see your business grow, take some action, talk to new prospects, revamp your marketing, review your business processes.

If you want to see something different in your life start the exercising you say you would always do or start that diet and stick to it. What about cleaning out that room, or just telling someone you love them?

Action, action, that is how people would know you, how your clients will know and refer others to you, how your loved ones would know you. After all we know God because we know he does what he says he would do, so why don’t you start doing what you say you would know.

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