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Monday Morning MEM0 29112135 – This Week’s Strategy COURAGE

This Week’s Strategy – COURAGE

Have courage

As things get more and more hectic and there is the urge to achieve more, we need to have the courage to make some hard decisions.

Moral courage allows you to do the right thing at the right time. What is it that you are holding back that you need to make a decision on right now? What products our services to remove from your list or which ones to add? Where do you need to cut expenses? Which marketing channel is producing good results? Where else do you need to market your products?

Things maybe hard but only because of what you put in it. What you do is what you are, so whatever decision you make this would dictate the type of person you are.

Some decisions require more courage than others but at the end of the day you have to live with these decisions.

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Monday Morning MEM0 22112134 – This Week’s Strategy

This week’s strategy is – FOCUS

Christmas is around the corner and you want to finish the year strong, so by now :

  • You should have checked your inventory and ensure you have adequate supplies. This is particular to what your clients are demanding right now, bearing in mind customers’ situations have changed. Focus on what has changed and how you are going to handle this.

  • You should be focused on your marketing strategy? How are you getting the word out there? If you do a search online there are many new small retailers. It is who you know and how quickly you can get your items to them and at what price?

  • You should know what sales and offers you can provide? Start early and end late with your offers.

  • Timing is everything. Choose the right time for your offers. Have time limited sales and make use of social media as much a s possible.

  • What freebies can you offer?

  • Stay focussed on what is happening in your market. E.g someone maybe offering a sale on a product that you have marked up, or they may have the product as part of a gift option.

  • Think outside the box and stay focussed on what you want to achieve.

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Monday Morning MEM0 15112133 – This Week’s Strategy

Persevere till you succeed

There is no way to succeed, you must persevere.

Too often you give up too quickly.

Sometimes the solution is right around the corner, but you lack the patience and stamina to wait.

This week keep prodding, knowing that your breakthrough is right around the corner.

There is nothing called – ‘giving up’, you got what it takes to get through and succeed.

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Monday Morning MEM0 01112132 – This Week’s Strategy

This Week’s Strategy – Froth always floats to the top.

If you mix a smoothie, chocolate or coffee all the froth would come to the top. This is so with everything.

Sometimes there are situations that are bothering you, you can’t seem to get a handle on them. Be patient every thing would be revealed as all froth must come to the top. 

Now froth is not a bad thing it is part of the smoothie, chocolate or coffee, it is that part that needs a little longer to fall in place.  Sometimes you may have to scoop the remnants of the froth and throw it in the trash. 

So when you have those situations that you are losing sleep over let it go.  Stop losing sleep over it. Nobody says you had to immediately handle every situation that comes across your desk or your life journey. Be patient, sooner or later the issue would become clearer or the solution would show itself. 

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