Transforming People's Lives

Monday Morning MEM0 280322– This Week’s Strategy – Take time to refocus

This week take the time to focus on what really matters to you. So many of us do things just for doing sake, sometimes it is because we have always done it this way, or we want to help someone.  Let us take time to identify what really matters to us in the business, our professional lives and personal lives.

Where is your focus? If you are driving and you aren’t focussed you would definitely encounter some challenges, you may get involve in an accident and all the issues concerning this. Not to mention you may have hurt yourself or others and damage your car. So it is with focus, when you are not focus people could get hurt, you could get hurt.

Take time to focus on why do you do the things you do? Why are you in this business or even in your job?  We all have a purpose so let’s try to refocus and reimagine the possibilities on where we are and where we want to be and take some action to get there.

Monday Morning MEM0 140322– This Week’s Strategy – It’s a lie

It is a lie because you can’t grow your nails by yourself and you can’t grow your business by yourself. You can’t meet all those sale targets by yourself. You need customers, suppliers, partners, people who would recommend you and those who would support you. Can you grow one strand of your hair by yourself? For you ladies can you grow your natural finger nails on your own?

I am not here to discus religion but there is nothing we can do on our own. We can try and try but unless you recognize there is help and you can ask God for help, you would continue to keep trying and trying. You may have some success but it may not last. The saying in the Bible is: you do not have because you do not ask.

So if you have been telling yourself I can grow my nails naturally on my own and I do not need any help or I do not need help with growing my business, I can do it on my own. Think again. It’s a lie. You would continue to keep hitting your head against a wall, so be open to God’s guidance in the people that you meet because God has no hands or legs just ours. Don’t keep lying to yourself be open, ask for what you want and God would send the right people to help you with your sales and your business.

Monday Morning MEM0 070322– This Week’s Strategy – Don’t be disappointed.

It is hard not to be disappointed when things do not go your way. Imagine you are banking on some client to come through and on the last minute she changes her mind for some simply reason that you can’t explain. The first thing is to get disappointed. You know that is life, sometimes things just don’t flow the way you want them to flow. The client cancels the sale, you fail an exam for your MBA studies, or your child fails an exam. The list goes on and on and sometimes it is something you just never thought would go wrong.

I am here to tell you there is no need to be disappointed, as that is life. That is how life shows up. The experience is trying to show you or tell you something. Days, months or years after you would tell yourself, you know if this had come through I would not have been able to do this, or that or to be where I am now.

So, this week don’t beat up yourself when things do not go your way, yes, you could be disappointed but don’t stay in that space for a long time, look for the good from that experience as that’s life and move on.