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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 080424 – This Week’s Strategy: There is nothing new in the past.

Stop looking back in the past, there is nothing new, just lessons to be learnt.

So many people live in the past, the memories are so deep, they can tell you all that happened at any point in the past, sometimes they are so caught up with the past that they miss the new things. They miss the new experiences, the new learnings.

Stop wasting time. There are always lessons to be learnt from each experience, simple asking God our creator what lessons he wants us to learn helps greatly. Everything happens in the now, take what you need from the past and leave it alone, and enjoy every moment being mindful of each experience.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 030424 – This Week’s Strategy: Truth in information

Having credible information and telling the truth goes a long way. Often the truth not only sets you free but exposes you to a backlash of negativity. 

Many people refrain from telling the truth and some even say there is no longer truth in business. 

Truth consists of facts and not really your perceptions of things. So, it is best to understand that if the information you provide in your personal and business life is not credible it would eventually catch up with you.

The quality of the information you provide must guide your decisions in every aspect of your life. When hidden or tainted in the long run it causes some serious problems for everyone.

Maybe it is time to look at where you are pretending that things are one way, but they are really not so. 

Let the truth be told about you and look for the truth in your daily life.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 002624 – This Week’s Strategy:Do you really need this?

Ok, so you really made a fool of yourself, you said or did something you should not have.

However, in your mind you think it is the other person’s fault, and you have been walking around with this for a while. You feel they need to ask you for forgiveness. As the days go by the load gets heavier, maybe some illness surface but you are adamant that you do not need to forgive, it is the other person who needs to do this. Unforgiveness can be a killer, it eats you up slowly by manifesting in various illnesses.

The truth of the matter is you do not need their forgiveness to move on, all you need is your forgiveness. Forgive them and move on, because at the end of the day the matter of their forgiveness has moved in with you rent free. Rent free people that you do not invite can cause more problems than those that pay rent. 

So, you really do not need their forgiveness, but you need to forgive and get on with your life. When you do this the peace, joy and health you may experience is amazing.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 021924 – This Week’s Strategy: Be aware of those thoughts

Have you ever had thoughts in your mind about a certain thing, situation or person and then later recognized that those thoughts lead you the wrong way?

You see those thoughts are guided by your emotions and not necessary what is happening right now. Going with those thoughts could lead to making the wrong decisions in your business, relationship, and life in general.

Considering the above, this week the focus is on being aware of those misleading thoughts. Pay close attention to the activities you get involve in, what are you doing, why, where does it lead you, how are you feeling? In this way you can make informed decisions without the stress of doing the wrong thing. Without awareness you miss a lot of details that should contribute to your decision making and the way forward. 

Being aware is something you have to practice, so take it step by step and each day practice being aware of who you are, focus on what is happening around you, the scents, peoples ‘ expressions, body language etc., and as you continue to practice it will get easier, and you would see and feel the difference.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 021224 – This Week’s Strategy: Without this, forget it

If you made some new year resolutions and you are struggling with them, without this, forget it. 

We are in February and if you wanted to lose weight and have not started don’t bother.
What about that business you wanted to look into and have not done anything, you should just drop the idea.

The new job you wanted to look for or even those new ideas for your business to grow. Whatever happened to those?
So many well thought and well written plans and nothing doing.

Nothing will not happen without commitment.
How committed are you to your plans? 
Are you ready to go all in, in times of good or bad?
If you say you would do something are you ready to do it? 

We make so many new year resolutions but we fail to realize to achieve them there is work . You have to keep your word . You have to be committed to bear the pain of completing whatever you set out to do.

Let’s take a simple resolution. You have never played Carnival before so you say this year is your year. You must order your costume, get in shape and be ready to parade the streets. To get in good shape it is days and weeks of exercise. At the end of each session all the muscles hurt. You skip a few days of exercise, then another few days,  and by the time Carnival comes up you can’t fit in the costume and that is the end of that . Last minute you are offering your costume for sale. 

It is the same with your business, this year you want to expand your reach, increase your clientele, add new products or services. As the saying goes, you start ‘hot and sweaty’, lots of steam, then you encounter a few challenges and that’s it. 

Nothing comes without commitment. If you cannot bear the pain to achieve your goals, you would never stay committed. So do what you say you would and go all out to achieve it. Stay committed as without it you might as well forget those resolutions.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 020524 – This Week’s Strategy: That big thing in your life

People say a little goes a long way, and this is true, but at times you need to stretch for something big, that big thing in your life.

Go for that big client, that job that you think you can’t get, that car that you always wanted, the house that you always dream of, the business that you always wanted to start, or just that person you have been wanting to contact.

Stretch for that big thing in your life, and while you are at it enjoy what you do. Makes no sense stretching for something big and you do not enjoy what you stretched for. 

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 012924 – This Week’s Strategy: Did anything ever happen?

We worry so much about what would happen if we did not do something or what would happen if something happens – you did something stupid on the job and you are worried you may lose your job; your biggest client did not renew the contract; business has been slowing down; your child  or children not doing as well as expected in their studies;  you think you have a health issue and the list of worries goes on every day.

Let me ask you – how many of these things have happened, and was it that bad? 

We get so agitated that some catastrophe is going to happen, that we fail to enjoy life. We miss the good things that happen in the moment and when we do recognize these precious moments sometimes it is too late. If we just settle down and enjoy each moment, live, love, laugh, enjoy the company of your family, or loved ones, enjoy the opportunity in your business to help someone, smile. Life can be so much better if you take each moment at a time and spend less time worrying about tomorrow or next week or next year. After all, most of the times none of the things you worry about ever happens.

Just enjoy the moments.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 012224 – This Week’s Strategy: Know where you are going

You have to know where you are going first and then decide how to get there.

Know what you want for your business weekly, monthly and by the end of the year.

Know what you want for yourself, where do yo want to be in the next weeks, month, at the end od 2024 or even next year.

‘To know and not to know is still not to know’ . Confucius said this over 2000 years ago.

So now that you know what you want, what are you going to do about it.

Let me explain if you have to complete an urgent proposal for a client but your friend invites you to a big lime. This is your close friend , what are you doing to do? Going to the lime would never get you that contract with the client.

Let’s say your aim is to lose weight, you start but there is the girls lime that you feel you must attend, plenty drinks, deserts, would this help in losing those pounds or getting you to where you want your weight to be?

The thing is every second of the day you make decisions that would either take you closer to your goal or away from it, so stop and analyze your decision carefully before you take that final step.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 011524 – This Week’s Strategy: Stop second guessing yourself

This week let’s focus on stop second guessing ourselves.

Too often you come up with an idea or a plan to do something and you have looked and analyzed it several, several times. Yet no action.

What are you waiting on? Permission? From who?

It is time to show what you are capable of, to use those God given skills and talents.

Is there a business idea you need to work on, or a new product line, or just someone to forgive, someone to contact just to say you care?

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