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Monday Morning MEM0 31012022– This Week’s Strategy – Are you still trying to figure things out?

Stop trying to figure things out.

A lot of wasted time and energy is being spent on figuring things out.  If you have a business there are many things that happen, like the client who changed his mind about purchasing from you or using your service and does not reveal the reasons for this, or even the supplier who has been with you for a while and now stops showing up and you can’t get a hold of him. On leaving the office you may meet someone, and they tell you something and all you do is try to figure out what they meant. 

If you are working for someone there are also many things that happen on the job that leave you trying to figure out what is going on. Simple things like your boss or co-worker may pass and did not say good morning, or you went to your manager about an issue and he is not very responsive.

At home your spouse may respond to you and say ‘whatever’, or do something that is out of their character or even your children or siblings and all you do is try hard to figure out what’s going.

Stop wasting time and energy on figuring things out. Things happen for a reason, people come and go in your life for a reason. Sometimes when you look back at the situations you are able to recognize why this and that happened.

When you  stop trying to figure things out and get down to trusting God that the situation would work out, and get the work you must do done, then you would be more productive with less stress. 

February starts tomorrow, so let’s get to work!

Monday Morning MEM0 24012022– This Week’s Strategy – You can’t compete by being better.

You really can’t compete by being better, that is not good enough.

Just one week to go and January 2022 is finished. You may either have achieved your goal or would do so by the end of the month, which is excellent, or you are far from achieving it. 

Achieving any goal requires some type of competition. We are always competing for something.   If you have a business, you are competing against someone else in your field or even if you are working for someone you are still competing against somebody in the office.  Would you believe at home you are competing for your spouse’s time?

The spirit of competition is in all areas. You want your business to do better, you want to excel in everything that you do and when this does not happen you are of the view that you must do better.

Doing better is not an option, what you must do is do things differently. You must move from the old way and find new ways to do things differently. The only way to get to where you want to be, to beat the competition, to be better than the other Representative in the office, to be a better husband, wife, manager etc. is to explore ways to do things differently. 

What can you do different in your business, the office, at home or in your relationships? Sometimes the ideas are there but you need someone to talk it over with.  If this is you contact us: or fb:

Monday Morning MEM0 1701202241– This Week’s Strategy – Do nothing and nothing happens

We are halfway through January and maybe you have already started to lose some steam, because if you do not change anything, nothing will change.

It is not that you do not know what you must do, you know all about your business and what is required to move it forward, you know what you have to do in your job to get that raise or promotion or what you must do in your personal life to improve the relationships, and you are willing to do what it takes to make the changes you want happen. You are stuck at this point. You may talk about what you want to do or may even write it down, but you do nothing and nothing happens.

What most of us don’t do is to implement or take action. How long are you going to think about the things you want to do in your business, job or life?  You need to get up and take action. My mother (may her soul rest in peace) used to say – ‘get off your backside and do something’. 

For your business explore options to attract more clients, post more on your social media accounts, or to transform your operations. At work find ways to improve your knowledge of your job or to retool yourself. In your relationships explore ways to improve communications.  

Now, I am not saying that these things are all easy to do. Success comes with its own challenges, the economy, the virus, the weather, you name it,  so be prepared to face and overcome those challenges, but do nothing and nothing happens. 

I invite you now to get up, implement and take action on all those new ideas and thoughts to improve your business, your career and yourself, and let’s make this the best January you have ever had. 

Monday Morning MEM0 10011202240– This Week’s Strategy – The purpose of your challenges

If you ask me to show you someone without challenges, I will have to point you to the Cemetery. Dead people do not have the challenges that the living have. You see the purpose of your challenge Is not to make you suffer, it is to move you forward, help you improve.

I heard someone say that these are tests and maybe they are to see how you handle these things and then to open the way to greater things or blessings.

In your business and life everyday there is some challenge to deal with, whether it is an issue with your suppliers, your staff, partners, director or customer, there is going to be a challenge to deal with. 

If you constantly look at these challenges as a pain in the butt, that is exactly what they would be. However, if you see them as areas to improve, then you would discover that all challenges could be dealt with in a productive way. 

When you do not deal with your challenges or ignore them you are closing the doors to improvement and blessings in your business and your personal life. I speak of personal life here since there is no business without personal life. Whether you have a business or not you have a personal life and the challenges of personal life have a huge impact on your business.

There is always help to uncover the options to deal with the challenges that you face.  Some challenges need a listening ear and that is why we are here to listen and help you discover options to improve in both your business and personal life. Shoot us an email – or whatsapp:1 8686208077

Don’t fret over your challenges explore ways to deal with them as these provide the greatest improvements.

Let’s help you explore. Shoot us and email – or whatsapp:1 8686208077

Monday Morning MEM0 03011202238– This Week’s Strategy STOP SECOND GUESSING YOURSELF


So many of us second guess ourselves. I do, and sometimes I tell God I need help with my stubbornness as I do not listen. 


Whether you like it or not 2022 has  arrived and started.



By now you have either started to plan your year or is still contemplating on what to do. 
Whether you have your own business, working for someone else by helping them achieve their dreams or just trying to figure things out you have to go bold and have courage to achieve your goals or your dream. The road is wide open waiting for you.

To go bold with courage means you have to stop second guessing yourself.  
So you did your investigations this is what you want to do. Your actions are for the good of yourself and everyone so what’s keeping you back. 


Let’s say you are playing a game – pool, cricket, tennis, golf etc., when you start second guessing yourself the ball just goes everywhere else but where it supposed to go. 

This year you need to stop second guessing yourself and go bold, you have the courage to achieve whatever you put your mind to. You could turn around that business, be the best you can be in your job, put some spark into your love life, bring peace and unity to your family life. 

Here’s to a bold and courageous you!