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Monday Morning MEM0 050231- STRATEGIES

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and let’s share some ideas for the week.

Did you achieve what you had set out to do last week?  Take a look at last week’s Memo:

Have you tried anything in the Memo?

Look , behavior never lies. DO you truly want your business to prosper and advance?

For some of you there are still pandemic restrictions but that does not mean just placing one or two adds on social media and taking the rest of the day off.

Are you keeping in touch with your clients – sharing tips and ideas to keep them engaged?

If you are in the food business how are you dealing with the fresh or canned produce? Have you checked the expiry dates on the cans and have you arranged to freeze the fresh produce placing markings on them to indicate what the bag has and the expiry date? What plans do you have for food that are close to the expiry dates?

Hair salons could provide tips on handling various types of hair. Recheck products to see which products are being sold and placing orders as needed. Those in the beauty business could start sharing the benefits of using their products. Those of you who produce natural products are there ways to improve on your efficiency?

Some small business do not have proper documentation of their work processes, now that there are restrictions, and there has to be rotation of staff there are problems, because they may not have a clue how the work was being completed.  Do you have proper procedures for your business operations so that if somebody is absent your business can operate smoothly? You can give me a call if you need help with this. This is not just how the company operates but what each person does and how.

Do you have a back up plan. Lots of businesses would have been caught off guard because they had no back up plan. These plans are necessary so that when disaster strikes you are prepared to do business, though maybe in a smaller scale. If you need to put this in place I can help. Are you able to access your business information from home?

These are all things you need to look at. The world has changed we are no longer doing business as normal. You do not want to waste time. For you Time is money. You want to take massive action so that if you are in a lock down when business re-opens you are ready to move.

There is also no complaining and blaming anyone, everything starts with you. You could turn all the lockdowns and missed opportunities  into something good. We are not perfect and everybody makes mistakes for fail. The truth is there are no mistakes or failures, only opportunities for you to improve, be better at what you do or just be a better person.

Remember you are not in business by yourself so share your successes as well as your failures as you never know when an opportunity would arise.

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Last week’s Memo:


Monday Morning MEM0 050124- STRATEGIES

Monday Morning Memo – where we share tips and ideas for your business.

Toady I want to talk about strategies to keep the business going.

This is our second week in lock down  and short notice can be very challenging to deal with, so what are you doing to keep the business going? Do you have a plan.

Let’s take a look at some suggestions:

  • Review your work day and see where you need to improve:
    • Are you getting up early to prepare your day?
    • Is exercise on your morning list or even some type of meditation?
    • What about morning breakfast? What does that consist of,  and is it  adequate to keep you  nourished and until lunch?
    • Who are your suppliers? Do you have a plan in place to get your goods when you need them? Have any of them closed and how would this affect you? What about your outstanding orders? Contact your suppliers.
    • If you are in the Food business how are you dealing with your fresh produce to ensure they last until the end of the lock down? Short notice can be disastrous for people in the food industry.
    • If you are producing your own products, relook your production process. Are there any areas that need improvement? What about your raw material?
    • Do you have staff and how are you dealing with them? Would you have to lay them off , or at least some of them?  With short notice, have you considered rotation? How would this impact your business? If you are keeping on any how are they being paid?
    • Are your financial records up to date?
    • Have you filed taxes and all your quarterly payments?
    • How is your marketing? Are there any  plans/areas to improve your presence con social media? How are you keeping in touch with your customers?
    • If you are working from home, how are you ensuring that you make maximum use of your time? Do you have a plan of how much work you could get through?
  • Nothing beats preparation. In these times it is so important to keep on top of the news, so you are not caught off guard. You can use short notice closure to your advantage if you keep on top of your business operation and the news.

It can be very discouraging to close down with short notice, especially if you were just breaking even. If you need help or just to talk about your business challenges reach out to us:

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