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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 081522– This Week’s Strategy – Should I quit and move on?

There is a saying when the going gets tough the tough gets going. The truth is not many of us like to deal with difficult or challenging situations, we prefer to quit and move on.
It’s like something is wrong on the job, or in a relationship and the first response is – I am out of here. 

What about making a commitment and sticking with it. 
So many people quit their jobs, leave their relationships because it is too stressful, they can’t deal with it . The quickest and easiest way to get wrinkles is to keep quitting. I am not saying there are times when you have to quit , you have to leave that relationship or that job, but when you keep quitting there is no opportunity to develop, it is just the easy way out. 

When you make a commitment you say I am all in, even in the tough times. When you do this and ask God for help things begin to fall in place.
Let’s try to avoid not only the body wrinkles but those of the soul as when we quit we leave too many unfinished business behind. 

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 080822– This Week’s Strategy – Are there really Success clues?

Let’s talk about success clues. Everyone wants to be successful. Some people go crazy trying to be successful.

If someone is successful wouldn’t you see some clues? When you get a new job sometimes you are placed as an Intern or you are asked to understudy someone or sit with them for a while and the reason is to learn from them. Look at their clues. What do they do daily? What is their routine? How do they interact with others? How are they doing it? What’s their attitude towards business or work? What’s their attitude towards life in general?

Success always leaves clues and the idea is if you want to be successful you need to find someone who is successful in your field and learn from them. I know that there are persons who do not like to train others or to share their knowledge. When you help someone it does so much for you, it is really amazing.

You cannot be in business by yourself, you need people, everyone you interact with plays a part in your success journey and story. As you reach out and help you develop further you discover new things and new ways of doing things.

So this week look for the success clues in your field and use them and don’t be afraid to share your clues.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 080122– This Week’s Strategy – Did you get right?

Getting it right is always a problem, especially when you are trying to build a business or a career.

What you should remember is that you don’t have to get it right all the time. You will make mistakes. That is life. We all make mistakes at some point or another. 

Remember the time you pressed that sent email but did not mean to press send to all those persons or there was an error in the email. Some people just love to get it right, and when they make mistakes, they are so embarrassed that they avoid people, especially those persons who know about their mistakes.

There is no need to get it right all the time, as mistakes help you to learn, to discover new options and develop your skills, talent and may even help with your relationships. So forget about getting it right and see what that mistake is telling you and move on.

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