Monday’s Weekly MEM0 082222– This Week’s Strategy – How can I make things better?

How can I make things better for my family, my loved ones, my business and my job?

Everyday we get opportunities to make things better and sometimes we overlook these opportunities. Instead we complain about everything: the economy is bad; no one is buying; the government is not helping the small businesses; the Banks squeezing some people.

On the job: I hate this job; I can’t stand the people I work with, they can’t be trusted. Then there is the loved ones and family: I can’t live with them anymore, they are driving me nuts; they don’t do this or that; I don’t like how they do things; they depend on me for everything.

 So we have blamed everyone else but ourselves.  All these issues are opportunities to make things better. How can you make things better in your business, your job, your relationships? Don’t miss these opportunities. If you really can’t do anything about some of them, as hard as it is, you may have to make the decision to let them go and move on. 

Look in the mirror- do you walk with droopy shoulders, that is all the stuff that you are holding on to, they are heavy and you probable have been carrying them for a long time, so make a decision now and just let go. As you do this your walk would improve, you would feel lighter, you would walk with your shoulders upright, a woman or man with a purpose. Try it. Better days are ahead so just let go!

Remember the gas issue so there are options to save, take a look: