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Monday Morning MEM0 27092128 – This Week’s Strategy

NO is a strategy to finish what you started.

When we want to finish what we started NO can be a good strategy to adopt. We often try to please everyone. We can’t say no. Even if we feel overwhelmed we insist on reaching out to help.

People may make you feel that you should not say no, but there are times when you have to say no.

You may recall we looked at managing your time. So, knowing where and how you spend your time daily and weekly helps you to say no to things that are not priority or that do not add value. If you do not do this, a lot of your time would be spent on the activities that really do not contribute to your business or to your way forward in life.

Saying no helps you to focus on finishing what you started, instead of stopping to do things that do not relate to what you had planned, you then lose your trail of thought and you cannot finish what you started.

Saying No is not being disrespectful but asking how important the task you are being asked to do is, or can it be completed at another day or time or can someone else assist with it.

So today before you are asked for help think carefully about your responses, recognizing that NO is a great strategy to keep you moving forward.

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Monday Morning MEM0 20092127 – This Week’s Strategy

This Week’s Strategy – Stop making a problem out of everything

Problems. problems, problems, everywhere you look there is a problem, or is there?

Sometimes we make problems of out of the simple things.

An issue comes up in the business, then all of a sudden there is a meeting to discuss, people have to leave some important tasks to attend the meeting, only to realize it needed a simple solution.

There may be a simple issue with a client and it goes from a small ants’ nest to a mountain.

Why are you making a problem out of everything? Before you call wolf take a hard look at the issue and explore the solutions, sometimes just letting it be actually takes care of the problem.

So today don’t make a problem out of everything. Relax, enjoy your business, job or life knowing that for every problem there is a solution but sometimes you do not necessarily have to find the solution, you just let it be and nature take it’s course.

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Monday Morning MEM0 13092126 – This Week’s Strategy

This week’s strategy : grab those opportunities when you see them

We all are presented with opportunities on a daily basis and we repeatedly pass over the opportunities.

Consider the Eagle. The Eagle has excellent concentration and focus to be able to catch their prey. They place their focus on it and set out to catch. Being focussed they are able to quickly identify their opportunities. They do not listen to the nay sayers, they do not let their negative thoughts get in their way, they are laser focus. So should you, look for the opportunities, focus on what you want to achieve and go after it.

Focus on what you are doing. When you focus, you are present, your mind is not wondering and you are able to pick up hues and opportunities. If you are into sales and you are speaking to a friend she/he may indicate that they need to replace a certain outfit or some function is coming up soon and they may need a new outfit. If your mind is somewhere else and you are not focussing on the conversation and on your friend you may miss this opportunity entirely. This is a perfect opportunity to talk about what you offer and what it can do for them. They may talk about different things, their weight or some problem they are having.

Never let an opportunity pass you by. Listen to what is being said, be alert to the mood, facial expression and body language of your client or anyone you are communicating with.

Opportunities could also be those to obtain referrals or a lead to a client or to acquire supplies for your business.

Be present and focus on what you do daily.