Monday Morning MEM0 20092127 – This Week’s Strategy

This Week’s Strategy – Stop making a problem out of everything

Problems. problems, problems, everywhere you look there is a problem, or is there?

Sometimes we make problems of out of the simple things.

An issue comes up in the business, then all of a sudden there is a meeting to discuss, people have to leave some important tasks to attend the meeting, only to realize it needed a simple solution.

There may be a simple issue with a client and it goes from a small ants’ nest to a mountain.

Why are you making a problem out of everything? Before you call wolf take a hard look at the issue and explore the solutions, sometimes just letting it be actually takes care of the problem.

So today don’t make a problem out of everything. Relax, enjoy your business, job or life knowing that for every problem there is a solution but sometimes you do not necessarily have to find the solution, you just let it be and nature take it’s course.

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