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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 091926– This Week’s Strategy – Take action with urgency.

Do you take long when making decisions or do you take action with urgency? Have you ever notice that when you procrastinate things don’t turn out the way you wanted it. Then you beat up on yourself: if I had done this at that time, this would not have happened.

Life is about taking action and sometimes quickly. For example in a game you never know what would happen next so when the ball is in your court you got to go for it. So it is with business, sometimes you do not know what the competition is doing or what they would come up with next, so instead of pondering you need to take action quickly. The market changes in a blink of an eye, stocks increase and decrease, these scenarios are all as a result of people’s actions, sometimes quick actions.

Nothing stays stagnant, everything keeps moving. People get rewarding for taking quick action, e.g if they save someone’s life. What about you? Are there some activity in your life or your business that you need to take action with urgency?

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 091922– This Week’s Strategy – STOP! What did you say?

When you talk or think about yourself and your business what do you say? For some of us I can bet it goes something like this – Business not going too well; the economy is bad; can’t get good people to work; people just not responding to my ads; I’m all stress out over the business or over the job; my relationship is stressing me out. Or – I have all this weight, I don’t have the money to do anything much. You can add your own thoughts to the list.

Whatever your thoughts and words are I am sure they materialize in your day to day activities. Words are like magic spells, they have power, every time you open your mouth you are placing a spell on something or somebody. If you keep saying business not going good, that is what would happen. Many people get through during bad economy or bad times. Every time you open your mouth to speak about someone you are either motivating them or lifting them up or pulling them down. The same goes for your business or your job – if you keep saying your office or company is a mess, then so be it, the mess would surface. Keep saying that you have some weight and the weight would stay there, you may even get some more.

How many times have you said something and you regret saying it? So, before you speak, pause, think a bit on what you are going to say before it comes out. Are you placing some good energy in your business or job or are you going to pull them down? What about your personal life what have you been telling yourself?

Change your words and thoughts and see the difference.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 091222– This Week’s Strategy – Is there a splinter in your eyes?

Are you looking at people and situations through a splinter? How many times have you done background research on a potential client, employee and when you met in person it was a different story?

We have a tendency to look at people and situations base on our own prejudices, instead of seeing them as a person just as we are, we see all different things about them, which may not be quite accurate. Think about it what are your splinters? Is it depression, so many of us are depressed that it is impossible to view any situation or person any other way, it’s like misery loves company. Is it envy, we are upset that the person may have gotten the promotion or they are doing better than us, their house is bigger than ours, they have a car that we could die for. Is is self centeredness? We are just concerned about us and our family, we can’t help anyone else.

There are many names you can give to your splinter, but unless you remove it, it is impossible to see people as worthy creation just like you. It is impossible to look at them through the eyes of love just as God looks at you. It is also impossible to get that good relationship with that client or even the good relationships at home. Mind you, when you get that eye it can sometimes make or break you. As a child Mom just had to give me that eye, that stern look and I knew that something was wrong.

Remove the splinter and see how better your vision becomes with time.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 090522– This Week’s Strategy – Are you where you want to be?

Sometimes it helps to take a check of yourself and how you are doing. Are you where you want to be? 

So many people just don’t hit the mark. Every time you meet them – it’s like ‘I am really trying but things are not there as yet, the economy is so bad, business not the same as it was before’. You must ask yourself when would things get there?  When can you really say things are great, or I think the stars are lining up in my area of the sky.

A new month has just started so it is a perfect time to reflect on your performance and how are you going to get to where you want to be. Some questions to ask:

  • What are the things that I am doing right now that’s keeping me back from being where I want to be? Review each one and see those that you can stop doing.
  • Are there things that I can start doing now that would help me move ahead. What are those things, and can I start to do them now?
  • What are those things that I am doing that are moving me forward? Do I have the capacity to place more effort and focus on these?

You see if you just keep going and going with no plan and not knowing what is working and what is not working, you are not going to move forward or get to where you want to be. You would just keep going in circles, so it is time to get off that merry go round and figure out what you need to do to get to where you want to be. The economy is bad, there is no disputing this fact, you hear this all the time, yet there are people who do the money dance all the way to the bank. What about you?

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 082922– This Week’s Strategy – Today is not my day.

Be honest there are days where you say today is just not my day. I do not feel like doing anything today. You crawl out of bed at a tortoise pace and by the time you reach the office whether you are in a job or working for someone else most people recognize that you are in one of your moods.

These are just your feelings. I don’t feel like doing anything today. You do not live by feelings alone, if we all lived by feelings alone life would really be a bigger challenge. Our feelings don’t tell us what to do or we should not take action on our feelings. Just imagine our loved ones just doing things because they feel to do it or your children misbehaved in school and when asked the response is : I feel to do this. You could imagine the chaos if we all acted on our feelings, it is like people just walking and driving on the road doing whatever they feel.

Every day is your day, you get the opportunity to witness and experience a new day when you awake. You make the day what you want it to be. Your thoughts, your actions are your choice. We all also have moods, we can change from one mood to another, sometimes in a wink of an eye, something pissed you off and voila, you are so upset, that you are ready to bark at anyone who pass your way. You can take charge of your day, because that is your choice.

Next time you get up in one of those moods try telling yourself – if I was feeling better what would I be doing? Then start to do whatever you would do if you were feeling better. Try it and today and everyday could be really your day because it is already yours so just claim it.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 082222– This Week’s Strategy – How can I make things better?

How can I make things better for my family, my loved ones, my business and my job?

Everyday we get opportunities to make things better and sometimes we overlook these opportunities. Instead we complain about everything: the economy is bad; no one is buying; the government is not helping the small businesses; the Banks squeezing some people.

On the job: I hate this job; I can’t stand the people I work with, they can’t be trusted. Then there is the loved ones and family: I can’t live with them anymore, they are driving me nuts; they don’t do this or that; I don’t like how they do things; they depend on me for everything.

 So we have blamed everyone else but ourselves.  All these issues are opportunities to make things better. How can you make things better in your business, your job, your relationships? Don’t miss these opportunities. If you really can’t do anything about some of them, as hard as it is, you may have to make the decision to let them go and move on. 

Look in the mirror- do you walk with droopy shoulders, that is all the stuff that you are holding on to, they are heavy and you probable have been carrying them for a long time, so make a decision now and just let go. As you do this your walk would improve, you would feel lighter, you would walk with your shoulders upright, a woman or man with a purpose. Try it. Better days are ahead so just let go!

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 081522– This Week’s Strategy – Should I quit and move on?

There is a saying when the going gets tough the tough gets going. The truth is not many of us like to deal with difficult or challenging situations, we prefer to quit and move on.
It’s like something is wrong on the job, or in a relationship and the first response is – I am out of here. 

What about making a commitment and sticking with it. 
So many people quit their jobs, leave their relationships because it is too stressful, they can’t deal with it . The quickest and easiest way to get wrinkles is to keep quitting. I am not saying there are times when you have to quit , you have to leave that relationship or that job, but when you keep quitting there is no opportunity to develop, it is just the easy way out. 

When you make a commitment you say I am all in, even in the tough times. When you do this and ask God for help things begin to fall in place.
Let’s try to avoid not only the body wrinkles but those of the soul as when we quit we leave too many unfinished business behind. 

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 080822– This Week’s Strategy – Are there really Success clues?

Let’s talk about success clues. Everyone wants to be successful. Some people go crazy trying to be successful.

If someone is successful wouldn’t you see some clues? When you get a new job sometimes you are placed as an Intern or you are asked to understudy someone or sit with them for a while and the reason is to learn from them. Look at their clues. What do they do daily? What is their routine? How do they interact with others? How are they doing it? What’s their attitude towards business or work? What’s their attitude towards life in general?

Success always leaves clues and the idea is if you want to be successful you need to find someone who is successful in your field and learn from them. I know that there are persons who do not like to train others or to share their knowledge. When you help someone it does so much for you, it is really amazing.

You cannot be in business by yourself, you need people, everyone you interact with plays a part in your success journey and story. As you reach out and help you develop further you discover new things and new ways of doing things.

So this week look for the success clues in your field and use them and don’t be afraid to share your clues.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 080122– This Week’s Strategy – Did you get right?

Getting it right is always a problem, especially when you are trying to build a business or a career.

What you should remember is that you don’t have to get it right all the time. You will make mistakes. That is life. We all make mistakes at some point or another. 

Remember the time you pressed that sent email but did not mean to press send to all those persons or there was an error in the email. Some people just love to get it right, and when they make mistakes, they are so embarrassed that they avoid people, especially those persons who know about their mistakes.

There is no need to get it right all the time, as mistakes help you to learn, to discover new options and develop your skills, talent and may even help with your relationships. So forget about getting it right and see what that mistake is telling you and move on.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 072522– This Week’s Strategy – Discipline brings success.

Discipline always brings success. You can’t be successful if you do things haphazardly or if you say or plan to do things and you don’t do them.

Anything that you want to be successful in you must plan what you want to do, and do it, whether it is daily or on the days and time you plan to do it. That is discipline.

An easy one is losing weight, so you recognize those extra pounds have been piling up and you start hot and sweaty to exercise.  After two or three weeks, the discipline is no longer there, you start to lag, you miss the time, overslept, had something else to do, it is one excuse after another and then that is the end of that. If you were disciplined enough to stick to the plan you would have seen results.

On the business side you have big plans, following with a certain number of customers daily or contacting a certain number of new customers, or you set out a schedule for the business on things that should be done. A week pass and yep, another week may pass and things going well, you are disciplined enough to follow your plan, but then other things start to take priority and that’s it for the schedule and big plans. Sales start to decrease and you wonder why. 

Being discipline requires that you stick to whatever you say you are going to do, and you do it when you say you are going to do it. You stop making excuses. This is the only way you would succeed. 

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