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Are you tired of the squabbling in the office and home?

When people squabble and quarrel in the office and at home it takes a lot of energy.

If you are tired of having to deal with these squabbles and quarrels there is hope.

We help you explore the deeper causes of these quarrels and show you how to deal with them.

When we work with you,  we show you how to remove the obstacles so communications  begin to improve, staff or your team working better for one goal, and the atmosphere at home is more calm, loving, one that you can certainly enjoy when you say I am going home to my family .


You and I know that you have been struggling with all these issues at the office, Admin not speaking to Collections, Supervisors not getting along with the people they supervise, and don’t talk about Marketing or Accounts and Sales Representatives . Wait, what about the Manager under you who you can’t seem to get along with. How long can you continue this? At the end of the day, you may feel as though you want to throw in the towel, but you know that is not possible.

Give us a call and let’s explore getting your team back on track – working as a team, as it was meant to be and achieving some of those  goals. You do not have to continue to bear this burden every day, we can help to remove those obstacles that are preventing your team from operating as a team..

You know when you finally reach home right away the quarrel may start or give it a few minutes. You may not have remembered to do something for the home or family, or your wife and daughter are at it again, or you have to rush to part a fight between your children. You hold your head and ask – when would it stop?  Don’t give up, there is hope, we can help you explore how to remove those obstacles  that are creating havoc with  your relationships at home so that home is really home, where you can relax, enjoy the company of your family without some of the dramas.

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Do you invest in your relationships?

Do you invest in your relationships?

I heard this when listening to an online sermon and I wondered if we ever think of this. We are all in relationships one way or another. If you are married and you have children you are in a relationship with your spouse and your children.  If you have a business you have relationships with your clients, your business associates, your staff. If you work for someone or a company there are the on the job relationships and the customer relationships which is the only way to do the job in any case. If you believe you are not in any of these relationships then there is the relationship with God he created you so there is no choice that relationship has already been established. So how do you invest in your relationship?
Let’s take a look at your relationship with your spouse.  How are you investing in this?
Marriages are like houses or vehicles there is always some kind of maintenance. Are you maintaining your marriage or is it at a standstill waiting for something to happen then you start to repair it. Do you know your spouse in-depth or just on the surface? I know people who use other people to help them purchase gifts for their spouse because they are not sure what they would prefer. On the other hand, when buying gifts people stick to basics e.g cologne, flowers, or something for the house. If you know what makes your spouse tick then you would know exactly what to get him or her. It makes sense to discover your spouse, but first, you must discover you – how do you operate, what do you like and don’t like. When you know yourself then you could discover more about your spouse to understand how they operate. Take time to observe the way your spouse reacts to various situations. Also, listen not only to what they are saying but what they are not saying by the body language and facial expressions. This is the same for your children and even your relatives.

What about your co-workers?  There are persons in the office who prefer not to go to a certain individual. They do not like how they speak to them or they may say – I do not like how he or she operates. When work has to get done you need to communicate with persons you work with, by avoiding them you are creating more disunity. They would soon realize that you are staying away from them and sooner or later this relationship is going to affect your performance and the company’s performance. It would be so much better if you took the time to figure why you respond to this person in that way. What is the real cause for avoiding the person, or what is causing them to tick you off?

If you are heavily involved with clients or customer service you would recognize that relationships are key to maintaining clients for your business.  If clients are not comfortable with you they would take their business elsewhere. I have heard of people who research their clients prior to meeting with them to ensure that the relationship gets off on a good start.

Your relationship with God is key. This is the very first relationship and it maps out your relationship with others. Without a relationship with God who is the creator of everything and everybody, it is a challenge to maintain any other relationship. Look at anybody’s relationship and this would give you a good idea about their relationship with God. Whether we like it or not we were made to be in relationships and we have to invest time and energy in them.

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Looking for a Life Coach?

What Can A Personal Life Coach Do For You?

Taking the step in hiring a personal life coach is undoubtedly the best thing you could do. Life coaches are not only for people with serious problems or those who fight depression and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a common misconception.

We all face problems in our lives from time to time and no matter how intelligent and successful we are, we are not always equipped to make lemonade when life throws us lemons! We tend to focus on our problems, however, trivial they may seem to other people, rather than find solutions to our troubles. A life coach can help you assess a problem and then assist you in finding a workable solution. Even though a coach earns your trust and gets to know you pretty well, he/she is still a third party who will remain non-judgmental. With their education and expertise in this area, they will let you see your problems in a new light and from a completely different angle.

Chances are that your life coach will address the problem of how to overcome an obstacle in your life with suggestions that you have not even thought of, simply because they are looking in from the outside and are not involved with your life and its hassles on a personal level. Most of us have goals in life and it is sometimes a challenge achieving it. Friends and family may support you but they have their own lives and aspirations to take care of. Many people know what they want out of life but they have no idea where to start.

Your personal life coach is more than capable of assisting you with this. By sharing your goals and hopes for the future with your coach, you have already taken the first step in achieving them! Your coach will help you plan your goal-achieving strategy, keep on motivating you throughout the process and keep track of your progress. It is human nature that you will work harder in succeeding and be more motivated to get where you want to be when you are accountable to someone. A life coach is not there to drill or push you to your utmost limits, but they will make sure that you never give up on your goals without a good fight, they will be rooting for you all the way and provide you with honest feedback.

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How to balance work and family life


Balancing work and family life can be a challenge especially as you try to get ahead so you can create a better life for yourself and your family.

Everything starts with a vision.

Where do you want to be? Then an action – how are you going to get there?

There are so many stories of families being left behind because Mommy or Daddy wanted to get ahead, or even husbands or wives being pulled apart because of the job.

Jobs could also be very demanding – late nights and weekend work which takes away quality time for the family.

Always write down what you want to achieve and share that picture and details with your spouse and family where appropriate.

Talk about how it would affect you and them and your love and appreciation for them.

Work out a plan and have family quality time in your plan – movie nights, game nights, cook dinner together or just a night out.

We help you re-discover what relationships are all about.

If you would like to learn more about how to balance family and work-life we can help.

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How to get unstuck

Are you stuck in your life, business or career?

These days there are so many things happening and sometimes things just don’t happen as we would like them to happen.

You have been trying and trying and things are just not working out.  Your business is really stuck, there is so much adversity  and just not moving from where it is. How do you acquire new customers and keep them in addition to keeping the ones you already have. If you would like to learn more about this give us a call -1 954 306 1081 or email

At home there are so many disagreements – home is no longer a place to relax and unwind , and at times it could appear as a battle ground.

How would you feel if you can come home to a place that is happy, loving and welcoming where you can feel really at home?  Getting stuck with your family life adds tons of stress on you and even affects your performance at work and in your business.  What would happen if you can remove some of these blocks that are preventing you from living the life you were meant to live.

You really cannot understand what is happening.  Why does everything seem as if it is stuck.  Sometimes just taking time to explore what’s happening with someone experienced in this area can help you uncover why things are going the way they are.

We can work with you to unearth those things that you do not understand.  You would then see things in a different light, streamline your business and bring some spark in your relationships and revive the comfortable atmosphere at home. Isn’t it time to give this a shot? Nothing to lose.

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You were meant to be happy and we can help.

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Relationship Rescue

Are you in a relationship and have been wondering that it is time to exit?

All relationships can be rescued if you want it to.

Look,  things happen – feelings change, the way you felt about the person may have changed, or you may have changed, or they may have changed but if you really care and  love this person you can take the first step.

Think about when you first met. The long walks on the beach, sometimes just sitting to watch the sunset,  or through the park. What attracted you to that person.

How did you feel? What has changed?

How have she/he changed?

Are there things you can do to rescue the relationship?

Relationships matter and there is always a way to rescue or re-build it.

If you have an interest in rescuing or re-building your relationship we can help.

We can help find clarity to what is happening and explore options to bring that spark back into the relationship.

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You and your relationships

It is hard to be in a relationship with anyone if you do not know yourself.

What are you good at? What are things you do not like or do not like to do?  Do you take full responsibility for your decisions? What is important to you?

Anthony Robbins cited six  different needs as follows:

  • Certainty   – wanting to be sure about everything. Not taking risks.
  • Significance – being the life of the party.
  • Uncertainty/Variety – enjoying variety in what we do and how we live.
  • Love/Connection – everyone needs that love and connection.
  • Growth – we all must grow or die.
  • Contribution – there is a sense of contributing to something.

Each of us places a different need as important and this would dictate the type of relationships we get involved in.

On the job, you can only become prominent in your field if you gain the knowledge of your industry and this would not happen if you do not have a good relationship with the persons you interact with.

In your personal life, how do you relate to your spouse/partner, sibling, mother/father?  A good relationship at home fuels a healthy working relationship on the job.

If you cannot see yourself as worthy to be successful and you carry around baggage from your past all your relationships would be in jeopardy.

Sometimes there is so much baggage weighing us down – all the blame and hurt from the past keep coming up and as a result, our judgment of ourselves is clouded.

As the new year unfolds it is the opportunity to come to terms with yourself,  know what makes you tick, where do you want to be at the end of 2019 and what are you capable of.  Start leaving the baggage behind so that you can be free to develop your relationships and achieve success in 2020 and onwards.

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Is your relationship shaky??❤

If you are in a shaky or fractured relationship there is still hope.

Is there a sense of guilt, fear, and shame in the relationship?

When things begin to happen in a relationship no one wants to own up. Instead, each person starts criticizing each other. They start looking for the simplest things to criticize. You did this or that to me -you were bitter and angry? at me. I did not like how you spoke to me or how you answered when I called you.

Before you criticize anyone, you must first check your self, turn that finger and point ??towards you- are you without guilt?  Anyone can tell you guilt is a real horrible emotion to have.  When you are guilty you try to cover up by looking for it in your partner or someone else.

To get over this you have to learn to forgive. Forgiveness is at the heart of every relationship. It is the basis of love. When you love? truly love you learn to forgive.

Can you look at your partner /spouse in the eye and say – I forgive you. This can be hard for some people. Take some time and compose yourself and forgive.  Once you do this you would feel a sense of freedom, because forgiveness actually liberates you. Try it.

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How long can this go on?????

How long can you go on hurting in your relationship?

If you are in a relationship and the interaction is cold. The warmth is no longer there. You prefer to be more out than at home. It is time to ask yourself some serious questions. Can we get back to where we started and are we willing to work on improving the relationship?

You see a relationship is just like a house, it has to be maintained so if there was no maintenance it is going to fall apart.  Are you prepared to make the first move?  How long can this go on? Somebody must make the first move, there must also be some compromise. If there is no compromise and a lot of blaming or pointing fingers, these things break down your relationship.

It is the same thing at work or in a business relationship. Can everybody come out of the argument with a “yes”? Working relationships are very important for the job. Broken job relationships hamper performances and the company’s goals. Imagine you do not go to your Supervisor because you do not like him/her or you do not speak to your co-worker because of some disagreement. How long can this situation go on at work or in your business?

Relationships matter in everything. Some people who divorce sometimes realize they have the same problems in the new relationship. They still fail to take a check to see what is happening.

Believe it or not broken relationships help us to look at ourselves to see what is it that we need to fix in us, not the other person. It is only when we realize this we can truly be in a real relationship.

How long are you going to go on hurting and stressed out about your relationships? Isn’t time to get the fire back, to get that passion and warm cozy feeling back? Learn how to fan the fire and let it blaze and feel the magic of being in a relationship.


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Even if you are not in a relationship we can help.

You do not have to drink alone.


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Same old excuses???

Have you been hearing the same old excuses from your loved ones lately?

We all have excuses for not doing certain things or for saying certain things.

In a relationship, excuses can really pull the connection apart when you keep hearing the same excuse over and over again.

Are you getting fired ?up ready for a fight, ready to pounce on the other person for what they are saying?

When this happens it helps to listen to what the other person is not saying and also to look at yourself to see what kind of emotions these excuses are bringing up. Why are you feeling this way and how can you use these emotions to lift yourself up thereby showing the other person that what they are trying to do is not affecting you.

You can use these old excuses to restore your relationship. Learn how by giving us a call – 954 306 1081 or email joseylifeline@

We all are in some kind of relationship and these excuses can put a dampen on them or can really make the relationship a joy to be in so give us a call – 868 465 0603 or 954 306 1081 or email joseylifeline@