Do you invest in your relationships?

Do you invest in your relationships?

I heard this when listening to an online sermon and I wondered if we ever think of this. We are all in relationships one way or another. If you are married and you have children you are in a relationship with your spouse and your children.  If you have a business you have relationships with your clients, your business associates, your staff. If you work for someone or a company there are the on the job relationships and the customer relationships which is the only way to do the job in any case. If you believe you are not in any of these relationships then there is the relationship with God he created you so there is no choice that relationship has already been established. So how do you invest in your relationship?
Let’s take a look at your relationship with your spouse.  How are you investing in this?
Marriages are like houses or vehicles there is always some kind of maintenance. Are you maintaining your marriage or is it at a standstill waiting for something to happen then you start to repair it. Do you know your spouse in-depth or just on the surface? I know people who use other people to help them purchase gifts for their spouse because they are not sure what they would prefer. On the other hand, when buying gifts people stick to basics e.g cologne, flowers, or something for the house. If you know what makes your spouse tick then you would know exactly what to get him or her. It makes sense to discover your spouse, but first, you must discover you – how do you operate, what do you like and don’t like. When you know yourself then you could discover more about your spouse to understand how they operate. Take time to observe the way your spouse reacts to various situations. Also, listen not only to what they are saying but what they are not saying by the body language and facial expressions. This is the same for your children and even your relatives.

What about your co-workers?  There are persons in the office who prefer not to go to a certain individual. They do not like how they speak to them or they may say – I do not like how he or she operates. When work has to get done you need to communicate with persons you work with, by avoiding them you are creating more disunity. They would soon realize that you are staying away from them and sooner or later this relationship is going to affect your performance and the company’s performance. It would be so much better if you took the time to figure why you respond to this person in that way. What is the real cause for avoiding the person, or what is causing them to tick you off?

If you are heavily involved with clients or customer service you would recognize that relationships are key to maintaining clients for your business.  If clients are not comfortable with you they would take their business elsewhere. I have heard of people who research their clients prior to meeting with them to ensure that the relationship gets off on a good start.

Your relationship with God is key. This is the very first relationship and it maps out your relationship with others. Without a relationship with God who is the creator of everything and everybody, it is a challenge to maintain any other relationship. Look at anybody’s relationship and this would give you a good idea about their relationship with God. Whether we like it or not we were made to be in relationships and we have to invest time and energy in them.

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