Monday’s Weekly MEM0 091123 – This Week’s Strategy: Is it worth the fight?

Why do you do what you do? Is it worth the fight?

Sometimes work and managing a business can become so frustrating. You ask yourself is it worth the fight?  You always had this dream to have that dream job or your own business, but now there is this feeling like you want to give up. The market is saturated, customers are not purchasing as before, people are not that keen to sign up for any subscriptions and there are so many pro bono requests that are competing for your time.  So, there is that question why do I do what I do? Is it worth it? 

Don’t give up! Do something to release that frustration and all the emotions. We all have bad days, the down in the dump times, the desolate times. Take a long walk especially in nature, go dancing, have a list of songs that you can play, meditate, talk to a friend or your support, or just go shopping, invite some friends over. Whatever you do find something to release that frustration and rediscover why you accepted the job or went into your own business in the first place.  Be happy and know that this too must pass.