Transforming People's Lives

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 073123 – This Week’s Strategy: Can self-awareness help?

When you speak about self-awareness, some people really do not pay much attention to this.

Self-awareness is knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. What makes you tick? What ticks you off? Knowing these help you to understand how you make decisions in your life and business. 

Self-awareness helps you view your options in a more practical way, whereas for some people it is easier to be aggressive than explore options.

This week take a closer look at you – what do you like, don’t like, what ticks you off, who ticks you off and why and see how you can discover how to be more aware of you. As you continue to do this you would have a better response to life’s challenges.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 071723 – This Week’s Strategy: Is impatience a problem?

We all want to move ahead, and we get very impatient when things are not moving or going the way we want it to be.

We thump our fingers, look at the person who is speaking in a certain way, we may even yawn or yell at someone to move faster. Have you ever been driving at the right speed, or the traffic light just turned green and someone behind starts peeping away even before the light turns green? So you know what I mean.

One thing for sure impatience will get us nowhere. Remember the person who was blowing his horn for you to move faster, and he over took you at such a speed, however you met him at the next traffic light? We may move a little faster, but go nowhere, so why not relax and be patient. No one can make the clock move faster. If impatience is a problem for you practice being at peace with yourself and don’t let anyone disturb that peace. This would be of great benefit to your business and your personal life.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 070323 – This Week’s Strategy:Are you willing to move into uncharted waters?

All of us have visited the beach at one time or other. If you are like me, you may not be able to swim to save your own life, then you may know what I am speaking of. So, you sit on the beach for a while, then you move from the beach into the sea and you stay at the edge of the water or where you can safely stand, not realizing if you go further into the water it is not as deep as you thought. 

We are afraid to dive into uncharted waters, not realizing if we go deeper the experience would be better. We are afraid to try our hands at anything new, because we do not want to look stupid or make a mistake, we want it to be perfect. 

Everything in life involves trying something new, all the stuff we use their inventors tried something new, computers were new, social media was new.  Even though some inventors failed but they went back at it and now everybody is using a computer or some aspects of social media.

Don’t be afraid to try something new with your business, dive into uncharted waters, try a new way of advertising, processing, or providing customer service, even providing a new product. You can even try new ways of communicating with your partner or friends or a new way of transportation. You will never know until you try!