Monday’s Weekly MEM0 070323 – This Week’s Strategy:Are you willing to move into uncharted waters?

All of us have visited the beach at one time or other. If you are like me, you may not be able to swim to save your own life, then you may know what I am speaking of. So, you sit on the beach for a while, then you move from the beach into the sea and you stay at the edge of the water or where you can safely stand, not realizing if you go further into the water it is not as deep as you thought. 

We are afraid to dive into uncharted waters, not realizing if we go deeper the experience would be better. We are afraid to try our hands at anything new, because we do not want to look stupid or make a mistake, we want it to be perfect. 

Everything in life involves trying something new, all the stuff we use their inventors tried something new, computers were new, social media was new.  Even though some inventors failed but they went back at it and now everybody is using a computer or some aspects of social media.

Don’t be afraid to try something new with your business, dive into uncharted waters, try a new way of advertising, processing, or providing customer service, even providing a new product. You can even try new ways of communicating with your partner or friends or a new way of transportation. You will never know until you try!