Transforming People's Lives

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 022723 – This Week’s Strategy: See the big picture

You must be able to see the big picture.

We get so caught up in what’s happening and the finer details that we do not see the bigger picture. 

Your business maybe small now but with determination it could blossom into something big. The owners of Apple and Microsoft they were able to see the bigger picture for their business.

What about you? Where do you see your business going? Where do you see your career going?

Can anything good come out of what you are doing? 

President Biden wants electric cars by 2030, what about you, where do you fit in?

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 021923– This Week’s Strategy: The best time to solve problems

We have so many problems hitting us every day, we become stressed and frustrated not knowing what to do.

We go to meetings and sometimes the team/group is so hyped up that solving the problem at hand either takes longer to achieve or the meeting must be re-scheduled. 

It has always been said that we should never make decisions when we are angry or annoyed, and the same goes for finding solutions to your problems. The best time to solve your problems and make better decisions is when you are relaxed, not hyped up or laser focused. You see when you are relaxed your mind is free and open to new solutions and ideas, new ways of looking at things or doing things. 

So, before you decide on the solution to that pestering problem when your mind is going at a 1000 miles per hour, relax, be at peace with yourself and everyone else and just let the ideas flow.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 021323– This Week’s Strategy: OMG! I really did not want to do this!

Are you doing anything against your will?

We have good reasons for doing the things we do. No one does anything against their will.

So, stop telling yourself that you really did not want to do this or that and be honest with yourself.

You have very good reasons for making decisions. The thing is we must stop and ask where is this decision taking us? What is it going to do for the business or your career or even your family? We must always see the result, look at your situations from beginning to end.  For example, If for argument sake as it is valentine,  you say you love a person, why do you love this person? Where is this decision taking you? What do you expect from this decision? Hmmm just think about it and see what comes to mind….