Monday’s Weekly MEM0 071723 – This Week’s Strategy: Is impatience a problem?

We all want to move ahead, and we get very impatient when things are not moving or going the way we want it to be.

We thump our fingers, look at the person who is speaking in a certain way, we may even yawn or yell at someone to move faster. Have you ever been driving at the right speed, or the traffic light just turned green and someone behind starts peeping away even before the light turns green? So you know what I mean.

One thing for sure impatience will get us nowhere. Remember the person who was blowing his horn for you to move faster, and he over took you at such a speed, however you met him at the next traffic light? We may move a little faster, but go nowhere, so why not relax and be patient. No one can make the clock move faster. If impatience is a problem for you practice being at peace with yourself and don’t let anyone disturb that peace. This would be of great benefit to your business and your personal life.