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Monday Morning MEM0 20122138– This Week’s Strategy – Stop complaining and be the best at what you do.

Stop complaining and be the best at what you do.

For a business, Christmas season can be a challenge. You have to make sure you have an adequate supply of your products so that you do not run out. If you import you would have had to take into consideration all the delays and of course for some countries, access to foreign exchange. If you manufacture your own products and you have kids at home that is a balancing act with a totally different story.

In this COVID era you have to deal with all the issues concerning vaccination of yourself, your family, your workers and also issues on who you deal with it whether they are vaccinated or not.

So what do you do? There are so many things to complain about. The good thing is you know what you are good at. The things you are not good at consider delegating, or outsourcing. If you continue on the road that you are traveling with all the challenges on your back, Christmas will not be Christmas as you would be too tired to enjoy the season. So, stop complaining and be the best at what you do. Or as is normally said ‘Let go and let God’. I mean really let go and trust him to deal with it for you.

Here’s to a bumper Christmas!! Enjoy, Be safe. Stop complaining and be the best version of you.

Monday Morning MEM0 13122137– This Week’s Strategy DEFY THE DARKNESS

This week’s strategy is to defy the darkness .

In the world including the business world, because of the health issues, there are so many doom and gloom going around, like everywhere you turn if you look hard enough there is some darkness. In business people keep saying well, things are not going good, my sales are down, I had to lay off people, cut salaries, I had to close my business, I lost my house, my car and the list goes on.

I agree this is one of the most challenging times we have had, but the thing is we are made of light, we have the light to defy the darkness. It is said for one problem there are around 500 solutions, and when you light one candle in a dark room it illuminates that entire room.

Today and everyday let your light shine, be that candle in the darkness of your business, defy the darkness in your business don’t look at the problems see it as challenges to overcome. Explore different options, be the light for your suppliers, your customers and your family. Defy the darkness.

When you got in your business no one said it would be easy and if it was easy you would be deprived of using all the talents, skills and gifts that you were given to have a business and to live life to the fullest.

You are not and cannot be in business by yourself. So go out there and defy the darkness, be the candle, be the light.

Monday Morning MEM0 06122136 – This Week’s Strategy WORST MISTAKE

This week’s strategy : The worst mistake you can make

The worst mistake you can make is not looking at an issue from all sides. It is as if you have on blinders, so you can just see straight ahead.

When an issue arises one of the worst mistakes is spending a lot of time to figure out what happened but not much time is spent on resolving the issue. if you do not review it from end to end, you may miss out some important details.

In your business it is not just a sale, but what happens at the beginning, and end of the sale. You have to review what happening in the middle. What are you selling? How are you selling it? Where are you selling it? How much are you paying to sell it? How are you ensuring that you have repeat business.

Let’s start paying attention to the details of your business especially mistakes when posting online. Where are you posting your stuff? How often are you posting? Are they getting hits and are people responding to your offer? Is there anything else you can do to make your offer more attractive?

This year end let the money roll in.

Monday Morning MEM0 29112135 – This Week’s Strategy COURAGE

This Week’s Strategy – COURAGE

Have courage

As things get more and more hectic and there is the urge to achieve more, we need to have the courage to make some hard decisions.

Moral courage allows you to do the right thing at the right time. What is it that you are holding back that you need to make a decision on right now? What products our services to remove from your list or which ones to add? Where do you need to cut expenses? Which marketing channel is producing good results? Where else do you need to market your products?

Things maybe hard but only because of what you put in it. What you do is what you are, so whatever decision you make this would dictate the type of person you are.

Some decisions require more courage than others but at the end of the day you have to live with these decisions.

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Monday Morning MEM0 22112134 – This Week’s Strategy

This week’s strategy is – FOCUS

Christmas is around the corner and you want to finish the year strong, so by now :

  • You should have checked your inventory and ensure you have adequate supplies. This is particular to what your clients are demanding right now, bearing in mind customers’ situations have changed. Focus on what has changed and how you are going to handle this.

  • You should be focused on your marketing strategy? How are you getting the word out there? If you do a search online there are many new small retailers. It is who you know and how quickly you can get your items to them and at what price?

  • You should know what sales and offers you can provide? Start early and end late with your offers.

  • Timing is everything. Choose the right time for your offers. Have time limited sales and make use of social media as much a s possible.

  • What freebies can you offer?

  • Stay focussed on what is happening in your market. E.g someone maybe offering a sale on a product that you have marked up, or they may have the product as part of a gift option.

  • Think outside the box and stay focussed on what you want to achieve.

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Monday Morning MEM0 15112133 – This Week’s Strategy

Persevere till you succeed

There is no way to succeed, you must persevere.

Too often you give up too quickly.

Sometimes the solution is right around the corner, but you lack the patience and stamina to wait.

This week keep prodding, knowing that your breakthrough is right around the corner.

There is nothing called – ‘giving up’, you got what it takes to get through and succeed.

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Monday Morning MEM0 01112132 – This Week’s Strategy

This Week’s Strategy – Froth always floats to the top.

If you mix a smoothie, chocolate or coffee all the froth would come to the top. This is so with everything.

Sometimes there are situations that are bothering you, you can’t seem to get a handle on them. Be patient every thing would be revealed as all froth must come to the top. 

Now froth is not a bad thing it is part of the smoothie, chocolate or coffee, it is that part that needs a little longer to fall in place.  Sometimes you may have to scoop the remnants of the froth and throw it in the trash. 

So when you have those situations that you are losing sleep over let it go.  Stop losing sleep over it. Nobody says you had to immediately handle every situation that comes across your desk or your life journey. Be patient, sooner or later the issue would become clearer or the solution would show itself. 

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Monday Morning MEM0 18102131 – This Week’s Strategy

You Should Know Better

Have you ever done something then you tell yourself you should know better?

This is the challenge we have, something comes up and the day is going crazy and in a split second you make a decision. Then at the end of the day or maybe later on, you are like hmm .. I should have known better.

Think of it this way every second of the day you are making a decision and sometimes you are on auto pilot, and you do and say things that you are like – did I just say that? or did I just do that?

Everything starts in the mind, as a matter of fact all thoughts start in the mind and then you make the decision to take action on it. Hence the reason to be present in what you do. Some things to think about:

  • Don’t let anyone rush you into a decision.

  • There are thousand of opportunities out there so if you miss one another one would certainly come up.

  • Always look at the issue from end to end. If I do this what would happen down the road? It is like saying take this drug it would make you feel good, your problems would feel like nothing, but if you look at the end result, the drug is damaging your nervous system, also damaging your relationships and your loved ones, you may even overdose and die. So ALWAYS look at the issue from end to end, so later on you do not have to tell yourself – you should know better.

Don’t do something and later on tell yourself: you should know better.

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Monday Morning MEM0 11102130 – This Week’s Strategy


As we go through the day there are times when there is some doubt about what to do or what should be done. Instead of rushing to make a decision and regretting it later on, the best thing to do is to PAUSE. This gives you time to think about the best option. Look at it from end to end.

Anger sometimes get us into real trouble. Have you ever felt so angry with someone on the job or at home and things really get out of hand? You end of saying or doing things that you totally regret. When you begin to get angry the best thing to do is to PAUSE. When you PAUSE the brain gets time to assess things, you are able to look at the situation a little better and you are able to respond without all the anger and anxiety.

These days there are so many things coming at us – issues with our jobs, we maybe cooped up in our homes so there are relationship issues and issues with the business, and the stress keeps piling up, getting more and more. As we get more stressed we begin to do strange things, we snap at everyone including our loved ones. We also become very depressed and anxious. The best thing to do when you recognize that you are becoming stressed is to PAUSE. When you PAUSE your breath gets slower you become more relaxed, you are able to think clearly, and deal with your various situations in a calm and composed manner.

When you PAUSE take some time to pray about your various situations. Praying helps to bring things into perspective. There is clarity when you release everything to God and ask for help.

Prayer never fails.

Monday Morning MEM0 04102129 – This Week’s Strategy

The value of timespend your time wisely

How you spend your time for the rest of the year would determine how you would finish the year.

From the time the clock alarms or whenever we awake it is a race against time.

The question is can you really race against time?

No one can prolong time, it is fixed, we all have the same 24 hours per day or 86,400 seconds.

Pay attention to how you spend your time, be mindful of your decisions that consume your time as your navigate throughout the day. Every decision you make either moves you forward or may take you two steps. This is your valuable time.