Monday Morning MEM0 11102130 – This Week’s Strategy


As we go through the day there are times when there is some doubt about what to do or what should be done. Instead of rushing to make a decision and regretting it later on, the best thing to do is to PAUSE. This gives you time to think about the best option. Look at it from end to end.

Anger sometimes get us into real trouble. Have you ever felt so angry with someone on the job or at home and things really get out of hand? You end of saying or doing things that you totally regret. When you begin to get angry the best thing to do is to PAUSE. When you PAUSE the brain gets time to assess things, you are able to look at the situation a little better and you are able to respond without all the anger and anxiety.

These days there are so many things coming at us – issues with our jobs, we maybe cooped up in our homes so there are relationship issues and issues with the business, and the stress keeps piling up, getting more and more. As we get more stressed we begin to do strange things, we snap at everyone including our loved ones. We also become very depressed and anxious. The best thing to do when you recognize that you are becoming stressed is to PAUSE. When you PAUSE your breath gets slower you become more relaxed, you are able to think clearly, and deal with your various situations in a calm and composed manner.

When you PAUSE take some time to pray about your various situations. Praying helps to bring things into perspective. There is clarity when you release everything to God and ask for help.

Prayer never fails.