Monday Morning MEM0 18102131 – This Week’s Strategy

You Should Know Better

Have you ever done something then you tell yourself you should know better?

This is the challenge we have, something comes up and the day is going crazy and in a split second you make a decision. Then at the end of the day or maybe later on, you are like hmm .. I should have known better.

Think of it this way every second of the day you are making a decision and sometimes you are on auto pilot, and you do and say things that you are like – did I just say that? or did I just do that?

Everything starts in the mind, as a matter of fact all thoughts start in the mind and then you make the decision to take action on it. Hence the reason to be present in what you do. Some things to think about:

  • Don’t let anyone rush you into a decision.

  • There are thousand of opportunities out there so if you miss one another one would certainly come up.

  • Always look at the issue from end to end. If I do this what would happen down the road? It is like saying take this drug it would make you feel good, your problems would feel like nothing, but if you look at the end result, the drug is damaging your nervous system, also damaging your relationships and your loved ones, you may even overdose and die. So ALWAYS look at the issue from end to end, so later on you do not have to tell yourself – you should know better.

Don’t do something and later on tell yourself: you should know better.

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