Monday’s Weekly MEM0 021224 – This Week’s Strategy: Without this, forget it

If you made some new year resolutions and you are struggling with them, without this, forget it. 

We are in February and if you wanted to lose weight and have not started don’t bother.
What about that business you wanted to look into and have not done anything, you should just drop the idea.

The new job you wanted to look for or even those new ideas for your business to grow. Whatever happened to those?
So many well thought and well written plans and nothing doing.

Nothing will not happen without commitment.
How committed are you to your plans? 
Are you ready to go all in, in times of good or bad?
If you say you would do something are you ready to do it? 

We make so many new year resolutions but we fail to realize to achieve them there is work . You have to keep your word . You have to be committed to bear the pain of completing whatever you set out to do.

Let’s take a simple resolution. You have never played Carnival before so you say this year is your year. You must order your costume, get in shape and be ready to parade the streets. To get in good shape it is days and weeks of exercise. At the end of each session all the muscles hurt. You skip a few days of exercise, then another few days,  and by the time Carnival comes up you can’t fit in the costume and that is the end of that . Last minute you are offering your costume for sale. 

It is the same with your business, this year you want to expand your reach, increase your clientele, add new products or services. As the saying goes, you start ‘hot and sweaty’, lots of steam, then you encounter a few challenges and that’s it. 

Nothing comes without commitment. If you cannot bear the pain to achieve your goals, you would never stay committed. So do what you say you would and go all out to achieve it. Stay committed as without it you might as well forget those resolutions.

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