Monday’s Weekly MEM0 021924 – This Week’s Strategy: Be aware of those thoughts

Have you ever had thoughts in your mind about a certain thing, situation or person and then later recognized that those thoughts lead you the wrong way?

You see those thoughts are guided by your emotions and not necessary what is happening right now. Going with those thoughts could lead to making the wrong decisions in your business, relationship, and life in general.

Considering the above, this week the focus is on being aware of those misleading thoughts. Pay close attention to the activities you get involve in, what are you doing, why, where does it lead you, how are you feeling? In this way you can make informed decisions without the stress of doing the wrong thing. Without awareness you miss a lot of details that should contribute to your decision making and the way forward. 

Being aware is something you have to practice, so take it step by step and each day practice being aware of who you are, focus on what is happening around you, the scents, peoples ‘ expressions, body language etc., and as you continue to practice it will get easier, and you would see and feel the difference.

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