Monday Morning MEM0 13122137– This Week’s Strategy DEFY THE DARKNESS

This week’s strategy is to defy the darkness .

In the world including the business world, because of the health issues, there are so many doom and gloom going around, like everywhere you turn if you look hard enough there is some darkness. In business people keep saying well, things are not going good, my sales are down, I had to lay off people, cut salaries, I had to close my business, I lost my house, my car and the list goes on.

I agree this is one of the most challenging times we have had, but the thing is we are made of light, we have the light to defy the darkness. It is said for one problem there are around 500 solutions, and when you light one candle in a dark room it illuminates that entire room.

Today and everyday let your light shine, be that candle in the darkness of your business, defy the darkness in your business don’t look at the problems see it as challenges to overcome. Explore different options, be the light for your suppliers, your customers and your family. Defy the darkness.

When you got in your business no one said it would be easy and if it was easy you would be deprived of using all the talents, skills and gifts that you were given to have a business and to live life to the fullest.

You are not and cannot be in business by yourself. So go out there and defy the darkness, be the candle, be the light.