Monday Morning MEM0 06122136 – This Week’s Strategy WORST MISTAKE

This week’s strategy : The worst mistake you can make

The worst mistake you can make is not looking at an issue from all sides. It is as if you have on blinders, so you can just see straight ahead.

When an issue arises one of the worst mistakes is spending a lot of time to figure out what happened but not much time is spent on resolving the issue. if you do not review it from end to end, you may miss out some important details.

In your business it is not just a sale, but what happens at the beginning, and end of the sale. You have to review what happening in the middle. What are you selling? How are you selling it? Where are you selling it? How much are you paying to sell it? How are you ensuring that you have repeat business.

Let’s start paying attention to the details of your business especially mistakes when posting online. Where are you posting your stuff? How often are you posting? Are they getting hits and are people responding to your offer? Is there anything else you can do to make your offer more attractive?

This year end let the money roll in.