Monday’s Weekly MEM0 082922– This Week’s Strategy – Today is not my day.

Be honest there are days where you say today is just not my day. I do not feel like doing anything today. You crawl out of bed at a tortoise pace and by the time you reach the office whether you are in a job or working for someone else most people recognize that you are in one of your moods.

These are just your feelings. I don’t feel like doing anything today. You do not live by feelings alone, if we all lived by feelings alone life would really be a bigger challenge. Our feelings don’t tell us what to do or we should not take action on our feelings. Just imagine our loved ones just doing things because they feel to do it or your children misbehaved in school and when asked the response is : I feel to do this. You could imagine the chaos if we all acted on our feelings, it is like people just walking and driving on the road doing whatever they feel.

Every day is your day, you get the opportunity to witness and experience a new day when you awake. You make the day what you want it to be. Your thoughts, your actions are your choice. We all also have moods, we can change from one mood to another, sometimes in a wink of an eye, something pissed you off and voila, you are so upset, that you are ready to bark at anyone who pass your way. You can take charge of your day, because that is your choice.

Next time you get up in one of those moods try telling yourself – if I was feeling better what would I be doing? Then start to do whatever you would do if you were feeling better. Try it and today and everyday could be really your day because it is already yours so just claim it.

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