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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 121922– This Week’s Strategy: Light at the end of the tunnel

Always believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes things can get so depressing that you feel it is not going to end or you are waiting and waiting but nothing is happening.
This maybe with your business, relationships, job where things just appear to be going downhill.
I want to ask, have you ever traveled on a train, when it gets dark as it passes through the tunnel do you ask to be dropped off? So it is with life there is no dropping off because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Things would get better but you must change your way of thinking, look at things from end to end. If you do this now where are you going to end up?

Practice not making any decisions when you are angry. When you are angry you would not consider all the facts. Always take time to reflect and treat people like you would like to be treated. 

So be patient there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 120522– This Week’s Strategy: It’s not too early to plan for 2023

2023 is creeping up slowly but surely, so as the end of 2022 is fast approaching this is a perfect time to plan.

You may say why now, I am busy with the Christmas season, those with businesses may say that they are heavily involved in the business operations at this time.

People who plan in advance are better able to handle things as they hit them, they know exactly what they want 2023 to be and how to go after it . They have a plan. Even if their plans do not all materialize they are able to review and adjust to suit the economy or whatever changes in their life or business environment.

Successful people are always planning ahead, some of them see things before they happen because they know their business environment as the back of their hand.

So, what about you? There is only so much you can do in the next few days, but you. have hope, you have 365 days to plan for. Give it a shot and start your planning early. It is never too early.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 120522– This Week’s Strategy: Stop focussing on the problem

Whenever an issue comes up in business or life the focus is on the problem. We place all our energies on our problems, and we get so stress out that we can’t see the solutions.

If we take some time off,  change our thinking and look at the problem as an opportunity to grow, develop and expand it makes better sense. So now our focus is on the solutions and not the problems. 

What problems have you been encountering in your business and life and what solutions  and opportunities can you come up with?  Once you have completed this when are you going to take action on the solutions, because it is great to have solutions but solutions without actions would not get you anywhere. 

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 112822– This Week’s Strategy – Living life by default.

Are you living life by default?

Every day we make decisions from when we get up to even while we are sleeping. You have to ask how are we making decisions or are we making decisions at all?

Some people do not make decisions, they procrastinate or sit at the side, they tell you I am neutral, I can’t decide or I am not getting involved.

If you have a business you have to make decisions if not you are deciding by default. In your life you must make decisions. To not decide means that you are living by default, as a matter of fact whether you decide not to make a decision, or to make a decision means you have chosen to do something.

If you look closely there is no grey colour. The colour grey is a blend of black and white. Look at the way we vote, you may decide that you are not voting because you do not like the current political party and neither do you care for the opposition, well, you have actually made a decision. In the world football each player or referee must make decisions they can’t decide by default or else it would create chaos. What about you are you deciding by default?

We have been given the free will to choose, so make a decision on how you want to live your life, do you want to live by default, anything goes or do you want to really choose what you want and go after it. Imagine if the referees at the world football keep making decisions by default. What a disaster!

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 112122– This Week’s Strategy – Can you focus on the right thing?

This week I want to ask you if you can focus on the right thing. You see wherever you put your focus it is where your energy goes. Pay attention to what you are focusing on because this affects your business and your life in general.

What are you focusing on for your business, is it good sales, great customers or is it finishing the year strong, or – every where the economy is bad, people do not have money to pay therefore they are living from pay cheque to cheque, only purchasing what is absolutely necessary, or my business is struggling and I hardly think I can make a good profit at the end of the year. If that is your thought do you think you would get business? This is the focus you are putting into your business. What about focusing on the right thing for your business. Can you focus on the right customers and great sales?

If you work for someone is the thought : this company is not good, management is not to be trusted, the owners do not treat people right, the staff, oh my God, it is a dog eat dog atmosphere. If that is your focus so it shall be, things just would not turn out in the positive. Can you focus on being the best you can be in the job?

Let’s look at your personal relationships, is your focus : I can’t deal with this crap anymore, I am tired of his or her nagging , not pulling their weight, always all for themselves. Can you focus on the good in the relationship, or on what you can do to bring it to what you want it to be?

If you focus on the right thing, the right thing would turn up so I am challenging you , can you focus on the right things today, the rest of the week, and going forward? Try it and let us know your experience.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 111422– This Week’s Strategy – Can you let go of your story?

What’s your story, and can you let go of it?

Most of us have a story about how we got to where we are. We recall the things we did to bring the business to where it is now, but you know what the business is not moving anywhere . Things are at a standstill but we keep recalling the same all ways and refuse to let go of that story. We also recall how we worked so hard in the job or the relationships, but we are still in the same old, miserable job and the relationships not moving anywhere.

The trick to moving on from where you are whether it is issues with your business, your job or your relationships is to let go of the old story and create a new one. Yes, we create our own stories, just as when you are in a job to help your boss or the owner of the business create and accomplish their dreams, it is so with you, you can decide what type of life you want, where you want your business to go next year six months, next year, three or five years from now. You can decide what you want to accomplish in your job and what type of relationships you want.

If your story is not working for you, now is the time to change that story. Make that decision now and let go of your old story and create a new one. You have the power to do this.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 103122– This Week’s Strategy – How to move your products

How to move your products could be a challenging task when prices are increasing all around and salaries are not increasing.

This is the time of year when you need to come up with strategies to push those products out. As retailers and entrepreneurs scramble to increase sale with various gimmicks you must be able to manage the marketing of your products to gain the most benefit.

To give you a better idea, it is best to take a look at the types of product marketing available to you and how you can utilize them. This particular article explains all that you need to know about marketing your products:

Review the article and let’s get down to moving those products and ending the year strong.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 101722– This Week’s Strategy – What am I going to do?

What am I going to do? This is the question we often ask ourselves. We can make all the plans, decide that this is what we would do or would not do. We do not even leave room for what is unplanned.

You know it is nice to have everything well planned. What am I going to do about my health, my job that I do not like, my business that is failing and my relationships that are falling apart.

When love comes up you know who and why to love, yet, some of your best decisions are made at the spur of the moment, without any heavy planning. Life is not about stressing too much on what you are going to do, but sometimes you have to just let things happen. Once you have done all that you could do let the answer to your question reveal itself.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 101022– This Week’s Strategy – Time is running out.

Time is running out. You have less than three months to achieve your year end goals?

How many goals do you have and how far are you away from achieving the?

The secret to achieving goals is that every decision you make must be aligned to your goals. It is time to relook those goals and ensure that whatever decision you make it is in alignment with your goals.

You see knowing what to do is not enough you have to apply the knowledge. Write those goals down and even review the actions needed tor bring those goals to fruition. Time is running out , so don’t let October end and no action has been taken.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 031022– This Week’s Strategy – See behind the obvious.

Want your business or your life to prosper? You have to see behind what is obvious.

You have to see what others don’t see. In business that means learning from your competitor but adding your own spin to it. Improve on the product or service. Look to see what is missing. What can you do better?

Let’s look at a chair. It started as a stool, then a back was added for support, then the legs were reduced, padded seats were added, with arm rest. Now there are a variety of chairs and stools. The person who thought of the idea of the stool never thought that it would turn out into a chair.

Don’t just look at your business processes, that is obvious, but look behind that. What are you missing? Where are the loop holes or the breaks in the process flow?

Rich people don’t say it’s impossible. They say: let’s try it. They have the ability to create something out of nothing. So if you are struggling with your business or life look behind the obvious.