Monday’s Weekly MEM0 112822– This Week’s Strategy – Living life by default.

Are you living life by default?

Every day we make decisions from when we get up to even while we are sleeping. You have to ask how are we making decisions or are we making decisions at all?

Some people do not make decisions, they procrastinate or sit at the side, they tell you I am neutral, I can’t decide or I am not getting involved.

If you have a business you have to make decisions if not you are deciding by default. In your life you must make decisions. To not decide means that you are living by default, as a matter of fact whether you decide not to make a decision, or to make a decision means you have chosen to do something.

If you look closely there is no grey colour. The colour grey is a blend of black and white. Look at the way we vote, you may decide that you are not voting because you do not like the current political party and neither do you care for the opposition, well, you have actually made a decision. In the world football each player or referee must make decisions they can’t decide by default or else it would create chaos. What about you are you deciding by default?

We have been given the free will to choose, so make a decision on how you want to live your life, do you want to live by default, anything goes or do you want to really choose what you want and go after it. Imagine if the referees at the world football keep making decisions by default. What a disaster!