Monday’s Weekly MEM0 112122– This Week’s Strategy – Can you focus on the right thing?

This week I want to ask you if you can focus on the right thing. You see wherever you put your focus it is where your energy goes. Pay attention to what you are focusing on because this affects your business and your life in general.

What are you focusing on for your business, is it good sales, great customers or is it finishing the year strong, or – every where the economy is bad, people do not have money to pay therefore they are living from pay cheque to cheque, only purchasing what is absolutely necessary, or my business is struggling and I hardly think I can make a good profit at the end of the year. If that is your thought do you think you would get business? This is the focus you are putting into your business. What about focusing on the right thing for your business. Can you focus on the right customers and great sales?

If you work for someone is the thought : this company is not good, management is not to be trusted, the owners do not treat people right, the staff, oh my God, it is a dog eat dog atmosphere. If that is your focus so it shall be, things just would not turn out in the positive. Can you focus on being the best you can be in the job?

Let’s look at your personal relationships, is your focus : I can’t deal with this crap anymore, I am tired of his or her nagging , not pulling their weight, always all for themselves. Can you focus on the good in the relationship, or on what you can do to bring it to what you want it to be?

If you focus on the right thing, the right thing would turn up so I am challenging you , can you focus on the right things today, the rest of the week, and going forward? Try it and let us know your experience.

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