Monday’s Weekly MEM0 031022– This Week’s Strategy – See behind the obvious.

Want your business or your life to prosper? You have to see behind what is obvious.

You have to see what others don’t see. In business that means learning from your competitor but adding your own spin to it. Improve on the product or service. Look to see what is missing. What can you do better?

Let’s look at a chair. It started as a stool, then a back was added for support, then the legs were reduced, padded seats were added, with arm rest. Now there are a variety of chairs and stools. The person who thought of the idea of the stool never thought that it would turn out into a chair.

Don’t just look at your business processes, that is obvious, but look behind that. What are you missing? Where are the loop holes or the breaks in the process flow?

Rich people don’t say it’s impossible. They say: let’s try it. They have the ability to create something out of nothing. So if you are struggling with your business or life look behind the obvious.