Monday Morning MEM0 03011202238– This Week’s Strategy STOP SECOND GUESSING YOURSELF


So many of us second guess ourselves. I do, and sometimes I tell God I need help with my stubbornness as I do not listen. 


Whether you like it or not 2022 has  arrived and started.



By now you have either started to plan your year or is still contemplating on what to do. 
Whether you have your own business, working for someone else by helping them achieve their dreams or just trying to figure things out you have to go bold and have courage to achieve your goals or your dream. The road is wide open waiting for you.

To go bold with courage means you have to stop second guessing yourself.  
So you did your investigations this is what you want to do. Your actions are for the good of yourself and everyone so what’s keeping you back. 


Let’s say you are playing a game – pool, cricket, tennis, golf etc., when you start second guessing yourself the ball just goes everywhere else but where it supposed to go. 

This year you need to stop second guessing yourself and go bold, you have the courage to achieve whatever you put your mind to. You could turn around that business, be the best you can be in your job, put some spark into your love life, bring peace and unity to your family life. 

Here’s to a bold and courageous you!