Monday Morning MEM0 31012022– This Week’s Strategy – Are you still trying to figure things out?

Stop trying to figure things out.

A lot of wasted time and energy is being spent on figuring things out.  If you have a business there are many things that happen, like the client who changed his mind about purchasing from you or using your service and does not reveal the reasons for this, or even the supplier who has been with you for a while and now stops showing up and you can’t get a hold of him. On leaving the office you may meet someone, and they tell you something and all you do is try to figure out what they meant. 

If you are working for someone there are also many things that happen on the job that leave you trying to figure out what is going on. Simple things like your boss or co-worker may pass and did not say good morning, or you went to your manager about an issue and he is not very responsive.

At home your spouse may respond to you and say ‘whatever’, or do something that is out of their character or even your children or siblings and all you do is try hard to figure out what’s going.

Stop wasting time and energy on figuring things out. Things happen for a reason, people come and go in your life for a reason. Sometimes when you look back at the situations you are able to recognize why this and that happened.

When you  stop trying to figure things out and get down to trusting God that the situation would work out, and get the work you must do done, then you would be more productive with less stress. 

February starts tomorrow, so let’s get to work!