Monday Morning MEM0 24012022– This Week’s Strategy – You can’t compete by being better.

You really can’t compete by being better, that is not good enough.

Just one week to go and January 2022 is finished. You may either have achieved your goal or would do so by the end of the month, which is excellent, or you are far from achieving it. 

Achieving any goal requires some type of competition. We are always competing for something.   If you have a business, you are competing against someone else in your field or even if you are working for someone you are still competing against somebody in the office.  Would you believe at home you are competing for your spouse’s time?

The spirit of competition is in all areas. You want your business to do better, you want to excel in everything that you do and when this does not happen you are of the view that you must do better.

Doing better is not an option, what you must do is do things differently. You must move from the old way and find new ways to do things differently. The only way to get to where you want to be, to beat the competition, to be better than the other Representative in the office, to be a better husband, wife, manager etc. is to explore ways to do things differently. 

What can you do different in your business, the office, at home or in your relationships? Sometimes the ideas are there but you need someone to talk it over with.  If this is you contact us: or fb: