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Monday Morning MEM0 18102131 – This Week’s Strategy

You Should Know Better

Have you ever done something then you tell yourself you should know better?

This is the challenge we have, something comes up and the day is going crazy and in a split second you make a decision. Then at the end of the day or maybe later on, you are like hmm .. I should have known better.

Think of it this way every second of the day you are making a decision and sometimes you are on auto pilot, and you do and say things that you are like – did I just say that? or did I just do that?

Everything starts in the mind, as a matter of fact all thoughts start in the mind and then you make the decision to take action on it. Hence the reason to be present in what you do. Some things to think about:

  • Don’t let anyone rush you into a decision.

  • There are thousand of opportunities out there so if you miss one another one would certainly come up.

  • Always look at the issue from end to end. If I do this what would happen down the road? It is like saying take this drug it would make you feel good, your problems would feel like nothing, but if you look at the end result, the drug is damaging your nervous system, also damaging your relationships and your loved ones, you may even overdose and die. So ALWAYS look at the issue from end to end, so later on you do not have to tell yourself – you should know better.

Don’t do something and later on tell yourself: you should know better.

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Monday Morning MEM0 11102130 – This Week’s Strategy


As we go through the day there are times when there is some doubt about what to do or what should be done. Instead of rushing to make a decision and regretting it later on, the best thing to do is to PAUSE. This gives you time to think about the best option. Look at it from end to end.

Anger sometimes get us into real trouble. Have you ever felt so angry with someone on the job or at home and things really get out of hand? You end of saying or doing things that you totally regret. When you begin to get angry the best thing to do is to PAUSE. When you PAUSE the brain gets time to assess things, you are able to look at the situation a little better and you are able to respond without all the anger and anxiety.

These days there are so many things coming at us – issues with our jobs, we maybe cooped up in our homes so there are relationship issues and issues with the business, and the stress keeps piling up, getting more and more. As we get more stressed we begin to do strange things, we snap at everyone including our loved ones. We also become very depressed and anxious. The best thing to do when you recognize that you are becoming stressed is to PAUSE. When you PAUSE your breath gets slower you become more relaxed, you are able to think clearly, and deal with your various situations in a calm and composed manner.

When you PAUSE take some time to pray about your various situations. Praying helps to bring things into perspective. There is clarity when you release everything to God and ask for help.

Prayer never fails.

Monday Morning MEM0 04102129 – This Week’s Strategy

The value of timespend your time wisely

How you spend your time for the rest of the year would determine how you would finish the year.

From the time the clock alarms or whenever we awake it is a race against time.

The question is can you really race against time?

No one can prolong time, it is fixed, we all have the same 24 hours per day or 86,400 seconds.

Pay attention to how you spend your time, be mindful of your decisions that consume your time as your navigate throughout the day. Every decision you make either moves you forward or may take you two steps. This is your valuable time.

Monday Morning MEM0 27092128 – This Week’s Strategy

NO is a strategy to finish what you started.

When we want to finish what we started NO can be a good strategy to adopt. We often try to please everyone. We can’t say no. Even if we feel overwhelmed we insist on reaching out to help.

People may make you feel that you should not say no, but there are times when you have to say no.

You may recall we looked at managing your time. So, knowing where and how you spend your time daily and weekly helps you to say no to things that are not priority or that do not add value. If you do not do this, a lot of your time would be spent on the activities that really do not contribute to your business or to your way forward in life.

Saying no helps you to focus on finishing what you started, instead of stopping to do things that do not relate to what you had planned, you then lose your trail of thought and you cannot finish what you started.

Saying No is not being disrespectful but asking how important the task you are being asked to do is, or can it be completed at another day or time or can someone else assist with it.

So today before you are asked for help think carefully about your responses, recognizing that NO is a great strategy to keep you moving forward.

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Monday Morning MEM0 20092127 – This Week’s Strategy

This Week’s Strategy – Stop making a problem out of everything

Problems. problems, problems, everywhere you look there is a problem, or is there?

Sometimes we make problems of out of the simple things.

An issue comes up in the business, then all of a sudden there is a meeting to discuss, people have to leave some important tasks to attend the meeting, only to realize it needed a simple solution.

There may be a simple issue with a client and it goes from a small ants’ nest to a mountain.

Why are you making a problem out of everything? Before you call wolf take a hard look at the issue and explore the solutions, sometimes just letting it be actually takes care of the problem.

So today don’t make a problem out of everything. Relax, enjoy your business, job or life knowing that for every problem there is a solution but sometimes you do not necessarily have to find the solution, you just let it be and nature take it’s course.

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Monday Morning MEM0 13092126 – This Week’s Strategy

This week’s strategy : grab those opportunities when you see them

We all are presented with opportunities on a daily basis and we repeatedly pass over the opportunities.

Consider the Eagle. The Eagle has excellent concentration and focus to be able to catch their prey. They place their focus on it and set out to catch. Being focussed they are able to quickly identify their opportunities. They do not listen to the nay sayers, they do not let their negative thoughts get in their way, they are laser focus. So should you, look for the opportunities, focus on what you want to achieve and go after it.

Focus on what you are doing. When you focus, you are present, your mind is not wondering and you are able to pick up hues and opportunities. If you are into sales and you are speaking to a friend she/he may indicate that they need to replace a certain outfit or some function is coming up soon and they may need a new outfit. If your mind is somewhere else and you are not focussing on the conversation and on your friend you may miss this opportunity entirely. This is a perfect opportunity to talk about what you offer and what it can do for them. They may talk about different things, their weight or some problem they are having.

Never let an opportunity pass you by. Listen to what is being said, be alert to the mood, facial expression and body language of your client or anyone you are communicating with.

Opportunities could also be those to obtain referrals or a lead to a client or to acquire supplies for your business.

Be present and focus on what you do daily.

Monday Morning MEM0 30082125 – This Week’s Strategy

This week’s strategy:  Let’s get ready to rumble

The economy is open and it is time to rumble, stop complaining and take some action. What do you need to do to make September better than August?  Even prior to COVID business had some issues. The quarantine  and lock down periods gave us all time to reflect, revisit our strategy so we can be ready to start again. Are you ready to rumble?


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” … Mark Twain


Think outside the box,  explore, dream, discover.  There is no way you can continue to do things the same way and expect different results. Some Customers may have different needs now, they may have gained weight, loved one/s may have passed on, some businesses are permanently closed, others may have lost their jobs, what action can you take to help them?

It is not all about the money. You cannot recover what you have lost during the pandemic by increasing your price. It is about the service that you provide, how you treat your customers would go a long way in helping your business to survive.


There would always be challenges with the business and life in general.  The only people  who do not have challenges are the people in the cemetery .


So let’s not complain but look for the opportunities that present themselves each day, explore, dream and discover.  Review these opportunities and use them, take action and  move forward.


Nothing happens without a dream, or exploring your options or taking action – what action can you take today to move your business forward?


Having problems to decide which way to go, take a look  there:


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Monday Morning MEM0 23082124 – This Week’s Strategy

This Week’s Strategy:  Key Factors to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Image via Pexels


Being an entrepreneur is not without its challenges. But few other career paths are as rewarding. Not only does owning a business provide you with more control of your future, but it also gives you the flexibility and freedom to develop a healthy work-life balance.


So, where do you start if you want to give entrepreneurship a chance? Glad you asked! Below,   JOIPF & Associates   has provided some practical information and advice for starting a business—from brainstorming ideas to using the right software.


Finding a Viable Idea


Your first step will be to come up with a business idea that can bring you success. Taking into account your expertise and interests, brainstorm until you have a list of several different ideas. Then, conduct market research to see if there is a gap that you can fill.


Once you’ve narrowed down your options to one idea, start writing a business plan. In short, this document will include a lot of information concerning your company, including your overall mission, target audience, offerings, marketing strategies, and financial projections.


Forming an Entity


You also need to decide on a business structure early on. A lot of entrepreneurs benefit from forming an LLC because it’s relatively simple to set up and manage compared to some other entities. Plus, you are guaranteed a level of liability protection as well as tax advantages. Before getting too deep into the process of establishing your LLC, make sure you understand the regulations in your state.


Getting Funding


Unless you have plenty of capital for getting your business off the ground, you’ll need to get funding. Having a detailed business plan written out will help you attract angel investors, venture capitalists, and other types of investors. But there are other options to consider as well, from crowdfunding to small business loans to accelerators. Do your research and assess your needs to determine the best path.


Spending Wisely


Too many entrepreneurs manage their startup capital poorly, which often results in delayed growth or loss of business. When creating a business plan, figure out exactly where your money should be invested. Then, develop a realistic budget that will help you achieve your goals, and stick to your budget no matter what.


Despite how you feel, you probably don’t need that world-class office downtown that you’ve been dreaming about. Keep major purchases like that as a goal to reach after you’ve laid a solid foundation for your company.


Hiring the Right People


Most companies must hire people at some point if they are to see the growth they envision. Be strategic with who you recruit. Hiring the wrong team members can end up harming your business more so than not hiring anyone.


You want any candidate you consider to not only be qualified for the position but also believe in the overall goals of your business. Consider working with a staffing agency to get connected with top-notch candidates.


Incorporating Tech


Finally, there is plenty of technology on the market today to help small business owners of all types grow their companies the healthy way. Look into payroll, payment processing, collaboration, project management, and customer relationship management (CRM) software that can make your operations more efficient and ultimately boost your bottom line.


If you want to build a fulfilling career for yourself and you happen to be a self-starter, building a business might be your best bet. You can expect plenty of obstacles along the way, but by incorporating the tips above, you can put yourself in an excellent position to succeed long-term. And of course, always remain open-minded to other ways that you can lay a solid foundation upon which to build your business.



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Credits – Elijah Dawson


Monday Morning MEM0 16082123- This Week’s Strategy

This Week’s Strategy – Avoid being stressed


In some places business is opening up more and more. If your economy is opening, up be sure to avoid being stress. You see you may want to get so much completed, to make as many sales as you can, but be careful, you can get overwhelmed trying too hard.


So remember:


Be organized

Be sure you plan your time,  know where you are going to use your time this week and today.


Take a break


Working under pressure can cause many problems. You may not focus properly and mistakes make happen, or you may forget to do something. So take a break throughout the day and recuperate.


Take care of yourself


Sometimes we are so taken up with our business and jobs that we forgot to take care of ourselves. So be sure to take care of yourself – have breakfast, enjoy some fruits while going about your activities, listen to some relaxing music.


Do just what you are capable of doing

Do not take on anything more than what you think you can do. Sometimes we want to do so much and we want to help this one and that one. When you have too many responsibilities the day and life can be very stressful. When you plan your day and your week leave some flexible time so that you can re-schedule as you go along.


Seek out people who can help


Remember you do not have to keep everything in your head trying to figure out what to do. Talk it out with somebody. We help you explore your options so you could make better decisions and do not have to be stressed. So gives us a call – 868 465 0603 – email:

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Monday Morning MEM0 09082122- This Week’s Strategy

This Week’s Strategy


Which way should I take the business?

Mondays are days of action – you want to make sure you know what your week would be like. Where would you be spending those 86,400 seconds per day. You want to take massive action. Also August just started, so really need to take some action.


As a result of COVID 19 your business may have hibernated for a while with all the restrictions and now the economy is opening back up so the decision is which way to go. Are you going to choose life for your company, pump some new energy into it, revamp your offerings and your strategies or are you going to say enough is enough I can’t make it anymore?

Decisions like these can be hard but they have to be made. It helps to make informed decisions not just say well I have not done anything for several months and it is going to be hard.  I don’t think I could deal with this. Rather,  let’s explore some options, facts, how can I get this company up and running?  What do I need? Who can I get support from? has anybody in my industry been doing well? How have they survived? This is where we come in to support you along to make the best possible decisions. We do not make the decision for you, but we show you how to go about it. We help you explore options.  After all your business cannot survive on its own and you cannot survive on you own.


If you would like to take your business to the next level get in touch with us now –

You really need a head start as Christmas would soon be upon us. Most business are getting rid of all stock and getting new stocks for Christmas. Others are reviewing their strategy, they are looking at ways to better place there business. What are you doing?