Transforming People's Lives

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 052223 – This Week’s Strategy:Anything you do, do it with everything you got.

Anything you do, put your all into it. It is said that you get whatever you put in. 

Your business Is not going to improve if you take care of it half-heartedly. Let’s say you want new clients, if you do not spend time and plan how to acquire these clients and act on your plan, you would never get new clients or you would get one or two and you start wondering what is happening.

So, you look in the mirror and you are not satisfied, the weight is building up, you look down and recognize that you can’t even see your toes.  You are aware you must lose the weight, but you start a diet plan, you cheat a little when consuming the meals and after three days that’s it for the plan you are back to your old eating habits.

So much for the weight. 

In sports e.g Soccer every player knows that they must put everything in the game or else the team would lose the game and as professionals it is like leaving money on the field. 

Starting from today I challenge you to put everything in what you do, after all as my husband once said ‘you can’t be half pregnant”. So go for it, give it all you have and watch what happens. 

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 051523 – This Week’s Strategy: Your tip to the next step.

Is there an obstacle or challenge that is preventing you from getting to the next step in your business or your personal life?

Every obstacle and challenge is there for a reason so be grateful for it. These are there to develop you and prepare you for the next step. When you continue to be grateful watch how you overcome it.

Try it and feel free  to share your results.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 050823 – This Week’s Strategy: Your major come back.

Every set back is preparation for a major come back. ..Vera Bhajan (26th march 2012) said this and it is so right.

So you have a set back, you set up your presentation and the new product is not coming on stream as planned, the marketing manager did not show up as planned, your flight has been delayed so you would miss the meeting with the client. You can think of several set backs in your business and even your personal.

The important thing is that you do not get discourage as every set back is preparation for a major come back. Some people put their head in the sand and say no!, no!, this can’t be happening! You must use the opportunity to prepare and develop so you can come back bigger and better.

This week do not let set backs get you down, get up, explore different methods and strategies, or just take a break and be still and ask God for guidance to turn your set back into your major come back.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 050123 – This Week’s Strategy: Do what you say you would do.

This week we want to act on the things we continuously say we would do.

Have you ever known that you must do something, you need to talk to your clients about your new product, you want to review your business processes, you want to start exercising, or dieting, and the list goes on, but nothing really happens?  Somehow you have no time to do it, or you do not make time to do it.

The way people know you is by what you do. It is the saying “action speaks louder than words”.

If you want to see your business grow, take some action, talk to new prospects, revamp your marketing, review your business processes.

If you want to see something different in your life start the exercising you say you would always do or start that diet and stick to it. What about cleaning out that room, or just telling someone you love them?

Action, action, that is how people would know you, how your clients will know and refer others to you, how your loved ones would know you. After all we know God because we know he does what he says he would do, so why don’t you start doing what you say you would know.

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Monday’s Weekly MEM0 042423 – This Week’s Strategy: It’s all up to you.

It’s all up to you.  

No one is going to build your business but you.

No one is going to find joy or happiness for you but you.

No one can make your dreams come true but you.

No one is going to find that good job but you.

No one is going to bring in that big sale but you.

No one can feel your pain but you.

No one can ruin your reputation but you.

No one can find you a good life partner but you.

No one would make you successful but you.

So, what are you waiting on, go out here:

Build your business,

Make your dreams come true,

Find the right life partner, 

Build your reputation,

Be successful and enjoy life.

It’s all up to you.

At the end of your time, you are the one to answer for your actions.

It’s all up to you.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 041023 – This Week’s Strategy: #1 Way to improve in anything.

Have you ever done a presentation or completed a task and you felt so good about it; however someone comes up to you and gives you such a feedback that the emotional pain was so deep all you could do was to fight back the tears?

No one likes negative feedback, as a matter of fact when some people receive negative feedback, they look for some way to verbally lash back at the person giving feedback.

The thing is the only way we can improve is to get feedback. How do we know if we have done a good job, or provide good service or a good product? We are not perfect we need feedback as we move along on our life journey. Your business is not going to improve if you do not know how it is performing, if you work for someone you are not going to improve unless they provide feedback.

Feedback is the #1 way to improve in anything, even in sports or at home feedback is required.

Now there are some persons who just love to complain so let’s embrace the feedback we receive, willingly accept it, and use what we can to improve in our personal lives and our business and leave what we can’t use behind.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 032723 – This Week’s Strategy: How to monitor your progress?

Are you monitoring your progress or just doing , and you really do not know where the time is going or how your business or life goals are going? Below are some tips on how to monitor your progress.

Let’s get started:

  • How are your new developments for the business going? Any new items to add or in your personal life any new ideas to look at.
  • How are you marketing your products or service or your skills? Are you making use of new technology to help you along the way?
  • Are you monitoring your sales or compensation to ensure that your items are accurately priced or that you are being properly compensated for your service and time? Have you set some benchmarks for these based on market research?
  • What about the production of your goods, or delivery of your service. Are you able to produce on time or deliver the service as promised?
  • Are you checking with your clients to see if they are satisfied with your products or service? Remembering that it takes more effort to get a new client as compared to retaining the current client, what else can you do to improve their satisfaction? When you are an employee, you get paid for your time. What else can you do to improve the quality of time they pay for?

Take some time this week and do a chart to monitor your progress.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 032023 – This Week’s Strategy: Focus begins now

Focus begins now . Forget what happened before or what is to come. Find a way to work with what you have right now. 

Too often we place our energy on what has happened, and if we had done this or that instead of placing our energy on what is required right now.

Or we are focused on the future, what should we do or what would happen, not recognizing that we have no control over the future and we can’t go back and change the past.

We can however focus our efforts on now which may help to dictate what would happen in the future, let your focus begin now.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 022723 – This Week’s Strategy: Are you really successful?

I was speaking to someone I know and she said I want to achieve something, you know I want to make it big, to be successful.
There are so many different points of view on success, but one thing we know is that it is not just having money. 
Many persons are successful but if you look closer they are not happy, relationships at home and at work are stressed. 


They are sometimes always on the edge and could be very aggressive. Sometimes you hear there is no love in business, you do what you have to do to survive. 

Take a look at your life and business are you really successful?


 Success is made to be enjoyed, so enjoy your success, all of it not just the financial aspect.

Monday’s Weekly MEM0 022723 – This Week’s Strategy: It went well before, we can do it again!

When things go well, we feel that we are on a roll. SO we have mastered the operations, we know where the business is coming from, we know how to get raw materials or goods for the business, and staff is going pretty ok.

We are confident we can now rinse and repeat. Well, this is never the case, it does not mean that if you are doing well or successful with one business you can repeat this or set up in another area.

When the ego gets to you, it is easy to overlook key issues that can present a challenge later on, so if you are successful or things are going well, a good idea is not to let down those guards. If you do, you maybe in a for a surprise which can lead to a major business disaster. 

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