Monday’s Weekly MEM0 050123 – This Week’s Strategy: Do what you say you would do.

This week we want to act on the things we continuously say we would do.

Have you ever known that you must do something, you need to talk to your clients about your new product, you want to review your business processes, you want to start exercising, or dieting, and the list goes on, but nothing really happens?  Somehow you have no time to do it, or you do not make time to do it.

The way people know you is by what you do. It is the saying “action speaks louder than words”.

If you want to see your business grow, take some action, talk to new prospects, revamp your marketing, review your business processes.

If you want to see something different in your life start the exercising you say you would always do or start that diet and stick to it. What about cleaning out that room, or just telling someone you love them?

Action, action, that is how people would know you, how your clients will know and refer others to you, how your loved ones would know you. After all we know God because we know he does what he says he would do, so why don’t you start doing what you say you would know.

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