Monday’s Weekly MEM0 052923 – This Week’s Strategy:Are you limiting yourself?

“Don’t limit yourself… What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” – Mary Kay Ash .

We all want to do better, to see the business improve, get better and what we do, or just be a better husband, wife or person in general. To achieve this we have to stop limiting ourselves.

How may times you get the opportunity to do something different with your business, add a new product or service or look at a different way to produce or deliver what you offer? Your response goes something like this: I/we do not have the capacity; no resources to look at that; that’s not part of our business line; no one is going to purchase that. Even before you research the option the rejection walls go up. Why limit yourself?.There are so many different options for diversifying your business, what would happen if you try a new option for delivery,  production or even for getting new clients? If you believe your business can do better then it can.

On the side of personal development many of us are hesitant to try new things, we are happy with what we have but most times it may not be working the way we would Ike it to be. Any new idea or option surfaces red flags go up: I can’t do that; I do not have the skills; they need someone younger or older for the job; I am not an early person so that would not work for me; I have two left feet so I can’t dance; I don’t like sports so don’t’ even suggest that. I would like us to go out more often but that’s not my husband thing, he loves his private time; I could be more loving, but I am afraid I make a fool of myself. Every day we have the opportunity to develop and improve. We can do new things, try new ways of doing what we are accustomed of doing. What if it does not go as you would like, it is from trying that you learn and develop, so don’t limit yourself. 

If you limit yourself to doing the same things the same way all the time nothing is going to happen, and you can forget about being like your old self. That old self or the way you use to do things have changed.  Every day you have the opportunity to be something new, to do better in your business and your life, and by the way if you don’t grab the opportunity, you end up just swaying with the flow unable to stand properly on your two feet. If you believe you can achieve it then you can.