Monday’s Weekly MEM0 050823 – This Week’s Strategy: Your major come back.

Every set back is preparation for a major come back. ..Vera Bhajan (26th march 2012) said this and it is so right.

So you have a set back, you set up your presentation and the new product is not coming on stream as planned, the marketing manager did not show up as planned, your flight has been delayed so you would miss the meeting with the client. You can think of several set backs in your business and even your personal.

The important thing is that you do not get discourage as every set back is preparation for a major come back. Some people put their head in the sand and say no!, no!, this can’t be happening! You must use the opportunity to prepare and develop so you can come back bigger and better.

This week do not let set backs get you down, get up, explore different methods and strategies, or just take a break and be still and ask God for guidance to turn your set back into your major come back.