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Boostyourbodyandmindnaturally! O2Drops®fromLurraLifeareproventohaveasubstantialandmeasurable impact on health and wellness. This revolutionary liquid supplement is scientifically formulated to provide key nutrients to the cells – renewing and fortifying the body at the cellular level and naturally enhancing mental and physical performance. Other health benefits include improved sleep, strengthened immunity, and pain relief. It supplies the body with a bio-available form of oxygen and essential trace minerals that are vital for optimal health and functioning. The proprietary formula has been the subject of more than two dozen independent research studies around the world. No other activated oxygen supplement formula has undergone as much scrutiny and validation.

RECOMMENDED USE: 15 drops sublingually 1 to 3 times a day. Take 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals and other dietary supplements or medications. Can also be used externally for skin, eyes, ears, and mouth care. Take as a daily supplement, in response to ailments, and for an added boost. O2 Drops® are completely natural, easy to use, and proven safe in any amount and for people of all ages.

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Detox and lose weight naturally! Dr. Miller’s Detox TeaTM is formulated to effectively and gently detoxify, cleanse, and restore balance to the body. Regular use of this unique, 100% organic, caffeine-free herbal tea has been found to improve overall well-being and digestive health. Plus, it can promote rapid weight loss much more effectively than Chinese green tea…making it the perfect kick-start to any weight loss plan. Other reported health benefits include increased energy, mental clarity, and natural resistance to illness. LurraLife’s tea is proudly made from Dr. Bill Miller’s original Holy Tea® organic herbal blend PLUS four additional edible plant extracts for added effectiveness – based on more than twenty-five years of research and clinical use.

RECOMMENDED USE: Drink 4-8 ounces of the prepared tea two to three times a day. Tastes great hot, warm, or iced. Can be mixed with sweeteners, lemon, natural flavoring, juice, other tea, or beverage of your choice. Caution: Contains cathartic herbs.

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