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Ask yourself – Is this the right decision?

Have you ever made a decision and then regretted it?


Decisions can be catastrophic especially those made in haste, in anger or even to please someone.


Nobody likes to make a decision only to realize that they did not have the right information, it was not the right time,  they were rushing or had a lot of other things on their mind. Then you ask yourself : Is this the right decision?

We all have to make decisions every day, in fact every minute or second of the day you are making a decision. These can make you or break you, even affect your whole family and your business or career.


Getting help in making decisions is one thing but knowing what to look for is quite another. Wouldn’t you love to know how to make better decisions or decisions that count or even to have a process for decision making?


Having and running a business can be overwhelming when there are so many key decisions to make, knowing what to look for and how to go about making your business decisions can be very helpful . We know too well that these decisions could make or break the business. Call us 868 465 0603 or email and let’s talk about this.


If you have teenagers and young adults it can be very stressful when they make decisions that you wish they didn’t or wish they had check with you before making that decision.  What if there was a way to show them how to make those decisions? You can’t guarantee that they would use it all the time but at least they would have a process for decision making which you can be comfortable with. Give us a Call  868 465 0603 or email and let’s talk about this.


You really do not want to keep asking if this is the right decision, so let’s talk about how you can have a process that works, Call us 868 465 0603 or email .

Monday Morning MEM0 2607220- This Week’s Strategy

This week’s strategy


It is harder to get a new customer than it is to keep one.


Must customers  need to know  you, like you and trust you before they do business with you. This can be hard work on your part to woe them to your business. After all that work you would definitely want to keep them.


Some business places may be still closed as a result of the pandemic, however instead of complaining, take the time to maintain your customer data base.


– A quick call to see how they are going would go a long way with the relationship.


– Send them a thank you card. After all they have stayed with you for so long.


– Send them a birthday card, or  a card for some other event they may be celebrating. There are so many virtual cards that you can use.


– Have a sale just for your customer data base. They would feel very special or go through and see who are your longest customer relationships and send them a card or provide them with a discount.


Whatever you do keep in touch with your customers as you would need them when you re-open,


We know it can be a hassle to get all the supplies you require for your business so we have made it easy for you . Check out the supplies store: Shop now.  We can also arrange to shop on your behalf. Email us –


Many people are on the market for a new home because with COVID they recognize they need more space at home. Getting qualified is the first step to acquiring or building a home. Take a look here:



Explore new options to a better life

I am a sucker for natural health products.  Like this Dr. Miller Detox tea to keep the system clear . Great for keeping you healthy especially in this pandemic.  I believe you must take care of your health; no one would do it for you.

When you are travelling and you are on the plane prior to leaving,  the safety instructions by the flight attendant is in an emergency always place your mask first, then take care of those travelling with you. So it is with health. Stay healthy, boost your immune system. 02 Drops is perfect for boosting your immune system. This pandemic has made it so vital to boost your system and what better way than to use Oxygen

Even in a lockdown because of the pandemic exercise at home. Walk around the house. I walk 10,000 steps per day in  and around my house.  What about you, what are you doing in this pandemic? Are you just packing on the pounds? Eating everything in your site. I know the feeling, once you are home every time you pass by the fridge or kitchen there is a snack calling you. Soon you would be able to go out to the restaurants as rules are relaxed for the pandemic.. God help you here come more pounds.

Wait!! What about the business? Have you done anything about your business? You know some people have not worked for over two months because of the pandemic.. When they go out to work what would be their first priority? Is it a service or product that you provide?

Cash flow certainly not going to improve from day one, but there is hope, we explore options for our clients,  only if they keep their business options open. New product launch is taking place in the health and wellness industry. You see people need to boost their immune system. Some people may not want the extra cash but it is worth a try – no registration fee and really  when you look at it no selling.  If you could do with some extra cash msg me – Yes- send me additional infor. I would provide you times for the webinar so you could see for yourself.

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How to get unstuck

Are you stuck in your life, business or career?

These days there are so many things happening and sometimes things just don’t happen as we would like them to happen.

You have been trying and trying and things are just not working out.  Your business is really stuck, there is so much adversity  and just not moving from where it is. How do you acquire new customers and keep them in addition to keeping the ones you already have. If you would like to learn more about this give us a call -1 954 306 1081 or email

At home there are so many disagreements – home is no longer a place to relax and unwind , and at times it could appear as a battle ground.

How would you feel if you can come home to a place that is happy, loving and welcoming where you can feel really at home?  Getting stuck with your family life adds tons of stress on you and even affects your performance at work and in your business.  What would happen if you can remove some of these blocks that are preventing you from living the life you were meant to live.

You really cannot understand what is happening.  Why does everything seem as if it is stuck.  Sometimes just taking time to explore what’s happening with someone experienced in this area can help you uncover why things are going the way they are.

We can work with you to unearth those things that you do not understand.  You would then see things in a different light, streamline your business and bring some spark in your relationships and revive the comfortable atmosphere at home. Isn’t it time to give this a shot? Nothing to lose.

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You were meant to be happy and we can help.

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Do you suffer from any of these or know someone who does:

Inflammation, pain, muscle spasms, Seizures, Anxiety, Neurodegenerative disorders, Nausea & vomiting?

What about delusions, hallucinations, paranoia or associated thoughts related to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, & depression?

Would you like to experience a sense of calmness & well-being, get help with digestion, and help to promote healthy cell reproduction?

Or maybe you just want to enjoy a sense of relaxation and overall health.

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#1 way to get more clients

Do you have a small business and have been struggling to get clients on line?

Let’s get serious you have been sitting at that computer trying to get people to click on your website or Facebook page with no luck.

What would happen if people could click and call you or place an order right away?  Imagine getting more  emails or calls about your products or services and increasing your leads and client base.

You do not even have to take the calls, we will do that for you so you can focus on building relationships with your clients.

Finish the year strong.

Let us show you how to put some money back in that wallet.

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Love tea? Drinking tea while you check your sites is a must.

I love tea, not just any tea – one that soothes my sore muscles, makes me lose weight and keeps the pressure at bay. As  us about our tea and muscle rub.


Easy way to achieve your goals

Time to achieve your goals

The easier way to achieve your calls is to get some help.

Goals can be a challenge to achieve if you are working on them alone.

We help identify what is blocking you – your core beliefs and what is important to you then we explore your options with you.

With an accountability partner you can accomplish  much more than you imagined and you feel so much more satisfied.

At Joipf and Associates we help you achieve your goals, whether it is personal, career or business. We are there for you to encourage and explore possibilities. No goal is never too big or too small.

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