Monday’s Weekly MEM0 072522– This Week’s Strategy – Discipline brings success.

Discipline always brings success. You can’t be successful if you do things haphazardly or if you say or plan to do things and you don’t do them.

Anything that you want to be successful in you must plan what you want to do, and do it, whether it is daily or on the days and time you plan to do it. That is discipline.

An easy one is losing weight, so you recognize those extra pounds have been piling up and you start hot and sweaty to exercise.  After two or three weeks, the discipline is no longer there, you start to lag, you miss the time, overslept, had something else to do, it is one excuse after another and then that is the end of that. If you were disciplined enough to stick to the plan you would have seen results.

On the business side you have big plans, following with a certain number of customers daily or contacting a certain number of new customers, or you set out a schedule for the business on things that should be done. A week pass and yep, another week may pass and things going well, you are disciplined enough to follow your plan, but then other things start to take priority and that’s it for the schedule and big plans. Sales start to decrease and you wonder why. 

Being discipline requires that you stick to whatever you say you are going to do, and you do it when you say you are going to do it. You stop making excuses. This is the only way you would succeed. 

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