Monday Morning MEM0 070631- THIS WEEK’S STRATEGIES


Have you been so afraid lately that you are not keeping an eye on your business, because you are afraid to see how it is gradually diminishing . Things just not going the right way. Sales are down, clients are not able t0 purchase or pay as before. One of the worst things we could allow into our mind is fear. This is a silent killer of your dreams, your business, everything you ever hoped for.  Fear can even ruin your family life and your business relationships.

You have to remember why you went into this business in the first place. What were you looking to achieve?  As most people say what is your big “WHY”?

You have to know that Life has prepared you for this. You must be flexible and always willing to adapt. SO this did not work or this strategy is not working, resist the temptation to overreact or start feeling sorry for your self. Being faced with all your challenges focus on your strengths, what can you do now. We all need some pruning at times, and this also applies to our business.  You may be also tempted to compare yourself to  someone else in the same line of business. Resist this temptation to compare. Stay away from judgmental and negative persons. Know who you are and what you can do. Be committed to your life experiences and give this your full attention.

There is courage and purpose every time you take  a breath. See yourself as perfect peace and joy. Have confidence in yourself. You also have all the wisdom you need so tackle your challenges with peace, love and joy. So get clear about what you need to do for the business and go for it.

It helps to have someone  like a Coach who you can speak with about your challenges, and who could help you explore options to solving your challenges. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen that helping hand. Ask us about this if you are interested.

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