#1 Way to get and keep customers

As technology expands to offer us new ways to communicate and keep in contact, businesses have to keep up with the new trends. Do you know that 97% of text messages are opened when compared to emails?  While emails were the hottest option when the internet was first introduced we are now seeing that text messages are the way to go.  A number of companies are now using this communication mode e.g cable companies use it to remind you of your bill payment due dates and other companies are using it to offer their services. Text messages are even used for voting.

Walk the streets and everywhere you look someone is on their phone as a result of this technology we are now updated immediately with anything that happens. Just send it to one person and it filters through the system. It would make sense to use this same messaging system for your business or organization. The majority of your clients all have cell phones and by using a simple system you can communicate with them instantly, increase your sales and even pick up some new customers.  Want to see how it works for FREE – place your type of business in the comment section and I would send you a code to try. No links just say whether it is a – salon, restaurant, school, health spa etc.

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