Monday’s Weekly MEM0 062022– This Week’s Strategy – Time to reset

Take time to reset. June is almost over. Where are you with your goals. Maybe it is time to reset your priorities.

What is important to you right now? Have your priorities change?

Sometimes we refuse to relook where we are, maybe because we feel that things would get better. We tell ourselves that it would change, although nothing changes. When last did you sit and look to see where you are:

  • How are you doing in your relationship? Are you satisfied with how it is going? Are you spending quality time with your loved ones? Do you know what’s going on with them?

  • What about your job? Are you happy with your job? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment? What can you do better?

  • How is your business going? Are you getting new clients? have you been able to maintain your client database to encourage repeat business? How can you improve your business?

The bills would cnmtinue to come and pile up. It is not too late to make some changes. You a half way through the year so there is still time to finish strong at year end. Take the time now and reassess where you are . Do it now or you would forget or find an excuse not to deal with it.

Let’s get serious one of the things you must relook is your expenses. Have you noticed lately that you are filling up more often at the gas station? This means you are spending more for gas and could only mean gas prices have increased.

If you are like me and most people, have lots of things to do so you are on the road all the time, sun up to sun down. Check out a new way to save on gas and you can even help others save: