Monday’s Weekly MEM0 070422– This Week’s Strategy – Decisions!! The secret.

Decisions ! Decisions! Decisions! Making a decision could sometimes be very stressful. When making decisions there is one known secret that is available to all of us but we do not use it often.

We all struggle when we have to make decisions, sometimes these are simple and others are complicated. This is happening all the time because every second of our lives we are making a decision. We have no choice. That is life.

The thing is it does not have to be stressful, but it takes practice. When you need to make a decision the secret is to always pray about it. Not a long prayer. Ask for wisdom to make the right decision and ask to be lead to the people etc. that have to be part of the decision. If you prayed about this and you do not feel a sense of peace but continue to feel fearful then you need to relook the situation. It is as simple as that.

You may ask, but if this memo is business related how did God come up here? You see God is part of everything, nothing happens on its own. Another thing, you would not just go to God and say give me wisdom. You have to be humble about it. It is like when you were a child and have to ask your parents for something that you wanted. You would humble yourself and go to them in the nicest of way. Follow a structure for your request, e.g sorry, thank you, please.

The secret is to first ask for forgiveness or ask for pity, then thank God for all the graces and favors so far and then ask for what you want . Give it a try.

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