Monday Morning MEM0 02082121- This Week’s Strategy

This week’s strategy – planning is key.

Most people have a to do list that they tick off as they go along.


Today I want to talk to you about planning your time instead of making a to do list. In any case having a to do list you can get frustrated when you are not able to achieve all the tasks recorded on your list.


Now, for some people kids are totally on vacation, and if you are running a business this is now a different scenario because they may no longer have planned study time. So now you have to plan your time around them and the business. A to do list would certainly not work in this case.


Take it week by week, plan your week. What do you want to accomplish each week?  Then, plan what day of the week you would do your various activities and how long do you need to spend on each activity. Add all that you need to do, plan time for the kids, play time, if you have revision session plan a time for this, grocery time, plan all the activities for your business – client and supplier calls or follow ups, plan marketing time for the business etc. Be specific with each activity, names, phone numbers  etc. as this would ensure that you make effective use of your time.


This is also the month where some people are looking at new schools and universities, if this is you, these decisions must be afforded adequate time. Plan a time to research and discuss your options.


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