Monday’s Weekly MEM0 071822– This Week’s Strategy – Are you upset?

For some of us getting upset is easy.  We get upset at the slightest thing. Someone on the job may do something that you do not like, or on the way to your customer someone gave you a bad drive. It could be even at home someone may have done something to upset you before you leave the house. 

You must practice staying stable when things or people upset you. These are tests, we all go through them. At home do you need to be more appreciative of others, on the job do you require more patience. Even on the road do you need to slow down, take your time, and stay focus.

Remember things and people come in your way for reasons so try staying stable and look to see what you are to learn from these tests.

Right now some people are upset about the rising cost of gas to fill their cars. If you are one of those, take a look at what you can do here : or msg me.