Monday Morning MEM0 1406214- THIS WEEK’S STRATEGIES

Working from home and having challenges with distractions?

Working form home could be a daunting task especially with children and other members of the family being around all the time. Imagine you are on Zoom and your little son wants to play and does not understand that you are not available. What about an employe or client trying to get your attention.

In order to be productive and also strive for that work home balance we have to find some way to deal with this without causing any relationship conflict. So here are some simple ways you can try:

  • Find something that you can wear – a hat, a crown etc.  to signal to your children or family that you cannot be disturbed at this  time. For example when you have butterflies or a crown on your head you are no tone disturbed.
  • .
  • Let your family know before hand that during this certain period of time you cannot the disturbed unless it is urgent – life and death issue.
  • Have a message on your phone to say that you are not available at this time but if it is urgent they can you send you a message.

Have a great week.

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