Monday Morning MEM0 041822– This Week’s Strategy – Stop holding yourself back.

Today it is time to stop holding yourself back.

There are so many excuses to stop you from advancing in life or really doing what is required.

Think about it, you have what it takes to progress and there is nobody holding you back but you.

You decide what color hair makes you feel happy or that you are not going to do this type of business, you decide that you do not have what it takes or that you have no business or sales skills. Don’t even look at management as you already made the decision that management is not for you.

Even in your personal life you make the decision not to love, not to compromise, you say I like my freedom yet you want to be in a relationship. You say I want to be loved but you decide not to love.

You are the only one holding yourself back, you have the freewill to make your own decisions, so use that freewill wisely.

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